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"Thou shalt maintain control!" That is Jason's commandment number 3 of real estate investing! Because when you do not, you open yourself up to 3 things that can, and will go wrong! First, you might be investing with a CROOK! Second, you might be investing with an IDIOT! Third, assuming they are honest and competent, you will be charged exorbitant fees! 

Most People Fail With Rentals Because They Can't Get Them Managed Properly. Today, Jason's guest Greg gives us a preview of his course which reveals the proven systems to CREATE perfect tenants and eliminate headaches and maximize profits. 

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:22 Self-management tools and Maintaining control

3:51 But wait! There's more! Imagine getting a surprise tax bill!

5:49 But wait- there's even more! Blackstone and Starwood woes and free trade equality or alignment of interests

10:45 Every transaction has a counter party but you've got be a little more involved

12:01 Midlife crisis; reexaming my own life. What is the point?

14:06 Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman and cognitive dissonance 

15:34 Blackstone & Starwood: limiting the amount of money investors can withdraw

17:23 Withdrawals from non-traded REITs- US$3.7B

18:46 Lessen the number of counter parties

20:48 Get your tickets NOW to the Empowered Investor LIVE EVENT happening on January 27 to 29 at Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Greg Slaughter Interview

22:16 Introducing Greg Slaughter and creating the perfect tenant

23:44 Property managers charging an average of 30% and why socialism fails

25:14 Nobody cares as much as the shop keeper

25:57 Wall Street scams and trying self-management with one property

27:04 A light bulb moment: creating the right tenant

28:40 Changing the screening process; looking for people with BAD credit

31:29 Lease options or rent-to-own deals

32:00 When credits scores don't matter and mindset does

34:30 How do you create perfect tenants

37:20 The perfect tenant- a property manager that pays you

38:30 Visit Jason's Real Estate News & Tech YouTube channel 

38:57 The tenant is your manager; can they handle a lawn mower

40:36 Giving orientation, training and performance reviews for tenants 

42:18 Tenants' average length of stay

43:33 C class properties, typical value and rent

44:00 Boots on the ground, hybrid management system and good neighbors

46:15 Enlisting and paying to help manage your properties

47:39 Duties and responsibilities of contractors

48:44 How do you market your properties

50:02 In honor of Greg's daughter; Leaving behind a legacy

52:54 Get a special discount on Greg's course. Go to



"Take care of the money problem!" - Jason Hartman

"That's part of my philosophy: the tenant is the property manager." - Greg Slaughter

"I don't show homes (to potential tenants); I do an interview." - Greg Slaughter


Jason Hartman's Real Estate News & Tech YouTube Channel


Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman



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