Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today Jason talks about the FICO versus the VantageScore system and how we can use credit to our advantage and how we can improve our correct score! So many factors play into these but it is imperative you have a basic understanding of these 2 systems; especially when dealing with your mortgages.

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Key Takeaways:

1:25 Six (6) things government can do to get us out of massive debt

6:09 FICO and VantageScore

13:13 The Vantage Scoring system

14:00 Comparing the FICO and Vantagescore systems

16:06 The game of business

17:17 Vantage score model 3.0 and how we can correct credit scoring

19:08 FICO 9 and 10

19:38 Weighing late payments

20:01 Allows just 14 days for rate shopping for a car or mortgage

20:59 It makes allowances for consumers affected by natural disasters

21:54 Vantagescore credit scoring factors

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25:06 Why mass inflation is still a threat to rich countries



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