Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason is in the Hot Seat today as Joe Brown of Heresy Financial asks him about his contrarian views on the housing market's supposed impending crash. They also discuss single versus multifamily investments, and identify the different facets and causes of the housing shortages across the America. Jason also shares a few slides from his Hartman Comparison Index (HCI) which shows that houses are not as expensive as one might think!

But before that we invite you to our 2 city Alabama Property Tour! Get to know this linear market and discover what makes this place a very good choice in which to invest!

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s editorial

1:20 Join our 2 city Alabama property tour. Go to for details

Joe Brown interviewing Jason

2:38 Jason's contrarian views

4:25 No such thing as US national housing market; 3 types of market

6:42 Identifying cyclical and linear markets

9:00 Single family vs. multifamily; investing vs. speculating

13:20 Single family housing shortage; cause and effect of government regulations

17:34 Environmental racism; the NIMBY syndrome

19:00 New home construction and resale; builders cutting deals with large housing institutions

24:51 The non-existent stressed home seller; benefits the home improvement industries

27:12 Comparing the Case-Shiller Index vs. Hartman Comparison Index

32:15 Housing prices vs. haircuts vs. inflation

35:49 Mental Hedonic Indexing 

37:33 Summary: Mortgage Sensitivity Index, T.I.N.A.



Equity Residential, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Invitation Homes, D.R. Horton

Tomas Sowell

Grab Jason's Hartman Comparison Index (HCI)


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