Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason welcomes you from Jekyll Island, Georgia, the birthplace of the Federal Reserve! Today he explores how, by reframing how we look at the world, crises can bring about opportunities inspite of today's current economic challenges. He talks about hybrid versus self-management and why, based on prevailing data on mortgages, there is no impending housing crash!

We are also looking forward to having you join our 2 city  Sweet Home Alabama Property Tour. Join us in Birmingham and Huntsville, March 10-12, 2023. Go to register TODAY!

And today, we welcome Kate, our local market specialist to the show. Kate and Jason talk about why the single-family home is an excellent investment. She also talks about the awesome Alabama market, the properties we currently have and the potential growth markets in the pipeline! She then closes with a real-life success story of one of Jason's clients.


Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:27 The Collective Mastermind in Jekyll Island, Georgia- the birthplace of the Federal Reserve

3:44 Alabama Market Property Tour; go to for more details

 4:52 Hybrid management, third parties and conflicts of interest

9:54 "Crisis and opportunity riding the dangerous wind"

12:02 Chart: Number of mortgages by interest rate

16:56 US mortgage-Free home share

18:03 The right frame- invest for yield;  sampling an Alabama proforma

Alabama market update

22:05 The upcoming Alabama property tour

22:46 Meet your Alabama Local Market Specialist; building new investment homes

24:13 Why single-family homes

25:13 Low tenant turn over

27:46 Why invest with us

28:32 The general Alabama market

29:14 The North Alabama homes

30:19 The Central Alabama homes

30:54 Coming soon: Gulf coast long-term rental

31:16 Gulf coast short-term or vacation rentals

32:17 A real success case study

34:00 Options for lending



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