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Inflation induced debt destruction, consumer debt, boomer generation and millennial debt! Today Jason explains that we have the opportunity to provide rental housing to our biggest target client, the millennial cohort. They don't care that much about owning a house compared to prior generations. They like to be mobile, portable and have remote work, be digital nomads. Hence the need for rental properties! 


Key Takeaways:

1:10 Invest in one of the best linear markets in the country- Alabama! 

1:53 Personal savings rate and Edward Bernays

5:47 The high cost of living for the millennial generation

10:30 Blaming the boomers, the 60s technological boom, the millennial lifestyle

13:53 Millennials and debt

17:36 Millennial mayhem

20:26 Alabama property tour. Go to

20:38 Why mass inflation is still a threat to rich countries



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