Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Again, Jason is sounding the alarm regarding the central bank digital currency that is coming in our already prevalent surveillance state. And when this finally happens, it is 'checkmate' for the human race! 

And talking with Jason about the impending RESET and the implications of this massive digital shift in our society is Clive Thompson. He is a retired Managing Director at Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA at UBP - Union Bancaire Privée.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:22 The inevitability of digital currency and our surveillance state

5:39 Invisible banking and the power of a digital system

7:43 A blatant lie from the FED

9:01 Runaway inflation or banking system collapse

11:38 Inflation induced debt destruction 

13:51 Three million US households making over $150,000 are still renters

16:01 Low housing inventory and the million dollar cities lost

18:03 100% Financing. go to and register today!

Clive Thompson interview

20:22 Welcome Clive from Switzerland

21:15 Global currency: truly horrifying 'Orwellian' levels of control

24:09 The inevitability of the digital fiat money by governments and corporations

25:16 Cost savings and convenience- like Sweden

26:35 What one can do to protect oneself?

27:42 What about Bitcoin?

28:31 The future in terms of Inflation, deflation and stagflation

30:48 Hard assets, things that have intrinsic value

33:13 Currency reset and how it affects the economy

34:40 Resetting the mortgage

37:07 Surviving the reset



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