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Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 560, published last August 26, 2015.

If you are in control of your life your kids do not talk back to you, you tell the waiter your food is subpar and you believe in every single word you say. If the aforementioned doesn’t ring true for you then you need to “grow a pair” and get your house in order. If you decide not to tell someone they are stealing your time and money at your business then by default you are condoning it. Larry believes you are providing people a service by telling them the truth. They need to experience the failure and the pain in order to allow them to learn from their mistakes. Keeping quiet doesn’t help anybody.

Last call for Jason Hartman University Live in San Diego.


Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial

1:58 Our 2 day content driven real estate investment course, JHU Live! in sunny San Diego 

3:33 The Venture Alliance trip to Newport Rhode Island in the last days of September

4:56 Is this the beginning of the economic meltdown

6:04 Content for JHU Live includes specialists in land contracts and investment property lenders 

Larry Winget Interview

8:07 Entitlement is the biggest enemy to our society

8:59 People need stronger opinions and need to stand up for them

9:44 Living on the edge is what gets one into history books

10:50 The “I have a pair” test 

12:16 If you put up with something you condone it

12:50 If you want to do the other party a service speak up about crappy service

13:54 Peale’s “ruined by praise than saved by criticism” quote

14:57 Ground your opinion and refuse to create drama

16:14 I provoke people on purpose 

17:33 Which is better having rabid fans or rabid enemies

19:35 I can count on my haters, they buy my products 

20:28 Numbness is a caused by a of lack of confidence in a speaker's’ faith in what they say 

21:51 Businesses can grow a pair by refusing to tolerate thieves or 20% of their employees

23:27 We expect more out of our government than we expect out of ourselves 

25:21 Being in the middle is a safe place but it’s no fun

27:12 Honest and open communication isn’t welcome in a world of political correctness

28:44 I respect all opinions on my social media page 

30:38 It’s not about changing somebody else it’s always about yourself

32:49 Kid’s need to experience failure and friends need the truth



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