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Jason Hartman shares updates on a new program for empowered investors in episode 2075. They introduced the Empowered Investor Guides program, offering specialized guidance to property investors. The program aims to help property owners convert tenants into tenant buyers, increasing deposits and reducing the need for property management. Additionally, Jason discussed the strong equity positions of homeowners, with most having significant equity in their properties, making a housing crash unlikely. He also touched on the need to address housing affordability issues.

Melody Wright returns as she discusses the oversaturation of the real estate market, particularly in the build-for-rent and multi-family sectors. She points out that the boom in building luxury properties and the overpricing of homes have resulted in an oversupply. Many builders have ignored the need for affordable housing, and there might be a need for government intervention to subsidize write-downs on overpriced properties. Wright also highlights the impact of demographic shifts, with fewer babies being born and boomers retiring, and their effects on housing trends.


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Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial


6:57 Ready for a soft landing

9:14 The COVID jobs recovery is complete (and then some)

9:52 Negative equity rates among mortgaged residential houses

13:36 Turning back the clocks on housing

14:25 More on housing affordability next week

Melody Wright Interview part 2

15:30 Build to Rent

26:43 Demographics on household formation during covid,  affordability and the new builds

36:54 Action steps



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