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This Flashback Friday is from episode 514, published last May 11, 2015.

Jason reads a nice letter written by Gary who toured with Jason during the Memphis Property Tour. Jason introduces a long-time client, Philip Sullivan to the show to talk about his real estate investment portfolio. Philip is unique because he started his real estate journey doing hard-money lending first and then purchasing income property. He talks on some of the mistakes and key lessons he has learned on today's show. 

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Key Takeaways:

3:13 Jason regrets dropping out of typing class. Send him a voice mail, not an email!

8:13 Jason reads a lovely note written by one of his clients, Gary.

12:26 Jason welcomes Philip to the show.

15:36 Philip did 10-15 hard-money loans before he purchased his first property.

23:26 Philip chose class A properties, because he liked the leverage and stronger appreciation.

31:36 Catering to a diverse set of income classes will help you in both a good or bad economy.

34:36 Forward your addresses so important mail gets directly to you and not to your rental property.

36:41 A lot of clients have been successfully using virtual mail boxes. Jason explains what they are.


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