Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

This Flashback Friday is from episode 791, published last Feb 14, 2017.

Jason welcomes Muthiah Nachiappan to the show. Muthiah is a client with 9 properties and an avid property management contract reader. He discusses his self-designed Property Management Survey, the garbage fees most property owners pay but don’t question and how he became interested in income properties. For property owners, Jason shares 4 options for property management and then the 3 options property management companies have if they want to stay in business and service their customers.

Key Takeaways:

2:57 Property Management contracts always favor the person who is drafting them.

4:19 Jason wants to disrupt the property management business through self-management, a la carte services and flat fee property management.

7:51 How Muthiah get interested in income properties.

11:54 Muthiah explains his Property Management Survey.

16:27] A flat fee system gives the property manager an agreed upon percentage of any money that comes in.

21:56 These 4 options for property management should be available to every property owner.

27:18 Property management companies need to change their business model to provide a hybrid option.

31:47 Let your property management company know that you are an educated and aware investor.

34:14 Muthiah shares his future investment plans and his retirement objectives.  




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