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Then Jason and Rob Braxman discuss internet privacy issues and how they affect civil liberties in a dystopian tech world. Rob explains that Facebook uses IP addresses to detect proximity checks using "Mac addresses," which are unique network identifiers that are unique to each device. IP addresses are a protocol used for transferring data over the Internet, while Mac addresses are for announcing traffic inside one's own network. The limitation of Mac addresses is that they can only exist inside a local area network and do not transmit to the Internet. Rob suggests using a VPN virtual private network (VPN) to protect IP addresses, and  locations. 

Listen in as Rob shares how you can defend your privacy in this relentless tech world bent on attacking your privacy.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

3:13 The Magic Number

4:19 California numbers YOY

5:19 A surge of new home mortgage applications on October

6:29  Empowered Investor Pro's new insurance product

Rob Braxman interview

8:04 This dystopian tech world

10:40 The Idaho Killer and the Google sensor vault

13:26 Why privacy is important

14:52 FB, Reading Minds with Functional MRi and Hot Mics on phones

18:30 Mac and IP Addresses and why it matters

25:31 Layers of privacy via VPNs and "Degoogled" phones

32:35 CALEA LAW- Protection against a cell carrier and a state

39:21 What we can do to protect our privacy



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