Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason discusses the state of the American economy in relation to Thanksgiving. He highlighted the strength of the labor market, with the employment rate being high and wages rising, a trend that he predicted would continue. Jason also pointed out the surge in productivity, attributing it to the advent of artificial intelligence. 

Then Jason and investment counselor Carrie address a range of investment strategies and market trends, providing insights into the benefits and drawbacks of various options, such as home warranties, short-term and long-term rentals, and cryptocurrencies. They also emphasized the advantages of residential properties over commercial ones and recommended a hybrid self-management plan for property owners. Furthermore, they introduced the resources available to Empowered Investor Pro members, including access to past Zoom Meetings and a community software. The pair also discussed potential issues with triple net leases and advised clients to seek professional advice.


Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:34 Things to be grateful for

10:13 Save the date: December 5 is our Empowered Investor Pro meeting

11:34 Sign up for our newsletter and be informed of our upcoming Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale

Q & A with investment counselor Carrie

12:26 Webinars and much more when you join the Empowered Investor Pro community

14:17 American Home Shield Home insurance

17:46 Short vs. Long term rentals

24:42 Fear that housing prices will drop

32:04 Pros and cons of triple net listings

37:20 Just buy the more expensive property in the first place

38:57 "Self- sabotage" and the Hybrid approach to managing your property




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