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This Flashback Friday episode is from episode 806 published last March 20, 2017.

To kick things off, Jason shares a Wallethub article which lists cities with the highest and lowest credit scores. Memphis credit scores are some of the lowest in the US which is why it is a good place to invest in income properties. And, Jason’s guest today is the first banker in history to expose the monumental story of Swiss bank secrecy. When Bradley Birkenfeld became aware of the shady practices of Swiss accounts he went directly to the Department of Justice. What happened after led him to expose the secret connection between the US and Swiss Governments and how taxpayers in both countries foot the bill for the illegal activities of bankers.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

2:18 Details about the upcoming Creating Wealth Seminar and Memphis Property Tour.

6:33 A Survey by Wallethub lists these cities as having the highest and lowest credit scores.

Bradley Birkenfeld Guest Interview:

12:20 A history lesson about the beginning of Swiss banking anonymity.

15:22 The Department of Justice turned Bradley away.

16:28 The banking system and the federal government are closely related.

19:26 Secret numbered Swiss accounts allow for non-traceable illegal activities.

23:48 Bradley was forced to go to the Senate because the DOJ is corrupt.

27:21 Proof the American people were screwed by the Obama administration.

29:05 The U. S. Government and the Swiss Government are in bed together.

34:04 Wikileaks documents show Hillary Clinton was involved in UBS.

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