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Today Jason covers various predictions about the future of the housing market. Wells Fargo and the Mortgage Bankers Association predicted modest increases, while Fannie Mae and the American Enterprise Institute were more optimistic. He also highlighted the benefits of income properties, such as positive cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits, and mortgage paydown.

Then Jason welcomes Eli Baracha, Director of the School of Real Estate in the Florida International University as they discuss the ongoing housing shortage in the US, attributing it to a decade of under construction following the 2007 housing market peak. They also highlighted the need for disruptive technologies in transportation and energy to allow for cheaper and more efficient operations. Additionally, they talk about the housing market, interest rates, and their impacts on the market.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:46 Experts Predictions' on housing prices for 2024

8:55 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

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Eli Baracha's interview

12:41 An analysis of the current housing inventory shortage

16:40 The underbuilding after the great recession

20:10 Building number and obstacles builders face

24:59 Price segment: building entry-level housing

29:13 Housing formation vs. housing shortage

30:01 Multi-family and condos comprise only 17% of the market

37:22 Technology disruptor on the housing shortage




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