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Join Jason Hartman as he interviews author and financial journalist Roger Lowenstein regarding the history of Wall Street’s demise. Roger talks about the increases in choice, risk, hedging, more volatility, and how free markets are open to speculation, greed, fear and manipulation. There are more markets today susceptible to booms and busts. In the old days, local bankers determined loan eligibility. Today, bankers internationally, who don’t know anything about their clientele, determine eligibility, often to the detriment of the borrowers.

Roger and Jason debate whether Wall Street needs more regulation or deregulation, and discuss the consequences of government interference. They also talk about many of the Wall Street mistakes and the corporations that were rescued by the bailouts and the unprecedented number of failed mortgages.  They end their discussion with observations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Roger Lowenstein graduated from Cornell University and was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal for more than a decade, including two years writing it’s “Heard on the Street” column. He has published five books, including The End of Wall Street, When Genius Fails, and Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist. He is also the director of Sequoia Fund. Roger is the son of Helen and Louis Lowenstein. His father was an attorney and Columbia University law professor who wrote books and articles critical of the American financial industry. Roger himself has also written numerous financial articles.


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This is a great episode for anyone you know who is just starting out in investing. It leaves little doubt that investing in income properties with a buy and hold strategy is the way to gain wealth. Jason describes the basics to Brian Bain, a stock market investor, and fellow podcaster. He shares examples of how 30-year mortgages on single family homes are a not only a multi-dimensional asset class but also a tax write-off. If you want to hear a concise, easy to understand overview of how to make money in the complicated U.S. financial market, this is the show for you.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:58] Ben Bernanke and Yogi Berra quotes

[3:21] Investors must align their interests with Central Bankers

[7:22] Arbitrage - Exploiting the differences in things as a real estate investor

[10:43] Jason Hartman University Live Event in Salt Lake City, Utah

[11:56] Vacation rental properties in the Orlando market, yes or no?


Brian Bain interviews Jason for his “Investor in the Family” podcast:

[17:15] His story - Jason started in real estate when he was just a teenager

[23:36] Income property is a multi-dimensional asset class and a tax write-off

[27:46] A lender cannot sue you if you have a non-recourse loan on a property

[31:40] 6 ways the government will deal with underfunded entitlement programs

[35:10] Investors should align their interests with governments and banks

[37:39] Inflation redistributes wealth better than taxes

[40:00] An example of how thousands of people gained wealth from single family homes

[49:21] Anything without income is not really an investment

[51:07] Long term investments are definitely the way to invest your money



Jason Hartman

Investor in the Family Podcast

1984 - George Orwell


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Buying income properties in high-end markets isn’t for everyone. First, you need to be able to raise sufficient capital to purchase the property and then secure top monthly rents from tenants. Sharran Srivatsaa with Teles Properties shares how his company has changed the game in the upscale market by building their own in-house software platform which fits the needs of their specific market and by creating a corporate culture of “do what you do best”. Realtors in their sales division are incented to do only the things which drive positive sales results.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:52] Commandment #5 - Thou shalt not gamble

[4:47] Venture Alliance members Jeff & Shannon have a 22% annual return on investment

[6:00] Watch financial documentaries on Netflix

[8:50] “A Crisis Era Mortgage Makes a Comeback” from the WSJ

[13:20] JHU Live in Salt Lake City, Utah

[16:03] The US is unique in all the world with the reserve currency status


Sharran Srivatsaa Guest Interview:

[23:31] A quick history of the strategy behind Teles Properties

[26:00] Agents want to be doing these 3 revenue generating things

[27:52] Teles launches new releases of their in-house software platform like Apple does

[33:09] How is Teles making California income property work?

[35:47] Real cost of adding an additional unit to each property

[39:25] Having all of your eggs in one high-end basket

[46:04] The Big Short movie

[48:06] The Rochester, MN, Huntsville, AL, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Dallas, TX markets

[50:44] Raising capital for real estate investments

[52:58] Contact Sharran at Teles



Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman University

Teles Properties

James Altucher is the Managing Director of Formula Capital and Founder of Stockpickr. He writes the popular blog, “Altucher Confidential.” He is also the author of the new book “Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream.” James first went through big publishers but now explains how viable self-publishing is and how he promotes his books.

James frequently holds Twitter chats with his followers and has even written books based off these conversations. Now he is paying people to read his new. book. This strategy is already revolutionizing content marketing. James is the first person to pre-sell a book on Bitcoin. He describes his outlook on this currency, and how will it affect gold’s value.

Visit Altucher Confidential at

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A presidential candidate's health is extremely important considering how presidents of the past have aged prematurely during their time in office. If Hillary is exhibiting current health issues, what condition will she be in four years from now? Her health is just one of the many reasons Jason’s guest, Author Edward Klein, says we should vote to ensure she does not end up in the White House again, this time as POTUS. Hillary is constantly getting caught in unethical activities and somehow escapes prosecution. She may be creating smaller scandals to distract us, the American public, from her illegal activities which are on a much larger scale.


Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Jason is still in Dubai for the Ad-Venture Alliance trip

[4:30] Be on the right side of the commodities which are consumed

[7:13] Don’t miss JHU Live on March 12th in Salt Lake City, Utah

[9:00] The looming asset shortage

[13:16] The wealthy class continues to grow

[15:09] It’s an amazing time to be alive

[18:54] Meet the Masters online course


Edward Klein Guest Interview:

[21:30] 60% of people relate the word liar to Hillary Clinton

[22:25] Democrats either think you hate women or you are blind to Hillary’s qualities

[23:46] Will Hillary be brought to justice for the private email server in her basement?

[28:33] Unlikeable includes some unethical and illegal examples Hillary’s indiscretions

[29:52] Bernie is putting up a hell of a fight but he’s a communist

[31:05] Hillary’s health is an additional issue to consider

[32:52] We get the government we are willing to tolerate

[34:00] Contact Edward at sign up for his confidential

[34:38] Trump represents the insurrection to save Americans



Hartman Media

Jason Hartman University - JHU Live

Hartman Education for the Meet the Masters online course

Edward Klein

The Amateur

The Truth About Hillary

Unlikeable - The Blood Feud

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We start out with the Venture Alliance Group in Dubai and later Naresh asks Jason investment related frequently asked questions about commercial and residential real estate properties, about single family homes, how the need for housing is never outsourced to another country and how the oil surplus is affecting US oil towns. Real estate investment income property is the most historically proven asset class. Real estate properties should be looked at in a market by market basis and when looking for you first or next creative deal make certain you can trust the person you are dealing with. When choosing a partner make sure they have tenure in real estate investing. They should already have a comprehensive network of investors and local market specialists in place before you trust them with your money.


Key Takeaways:

Dubai Intro:

[1:44] Gary Pinkerton joins us in Dubai

[3:49] Get out of the stock market and into cashflow investing

[7:03] You want those around you to inspire you and make you accountable

[8:20] The reluctant investors lament & to stay focused on market rent


Investor Question’s with Naresh:

[11:51] Is renting a waste of money?

[21:43 Defining commercial and residential property

[24:44] Large investors need to invest their money into something

[28:18] All of Naresh’s businesses have parts which are outsourced overseas

[30:54] Getting ripped off when trying to buy properties and creative opportunities

[32:39] Is deflation a huge threat to the United States?

[37:14] Real estate income property should be looked at on a local market basis

[38:00] How will “oil exploration” cities deal with the current oil surplus

[40:39] The problems in the energy corridor of Houston



Hartman Media

Jason Hartman

Hartman Education - Meet the Masters Course

Venture Alliance Mastermind

Voxer - JHart88

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Jason Hartman invites prior guest Joel Grasmeyer  back on the show to talk about updates to one of the greatest software tools for property investors, Property Tracker. 

Joel started in 2004 after creating and using this software himself to evaluate and keep track of his own investment properties. Property Tracker is a two-part tool, like having a property analysis tool in your pocket. The Property Evaluator tool allows you to analyze and compare properties in which you’re interested, providing a one-year projection on cash flow, cap rate, and return on investment, and a multi-year projection on true rate of return. The Property Tracker tool help keep track of the performance of properties you already own, based on actual income and expenses rather than projections. It also provides an “instrument panel” to let you see when it’s time to buy, hold, sell, or even do a 1031 Exchange. At the end of the year, this tool allows you to print up a Schedule E. Recent enhancements allow the investor to email PDFs to lenders or investment partners directly from your iPhone. Real estate agents can add their own branding to the cover page, heading and footer of the report and email it to potential investors.

With the introduction of the iPad, Property Evaluator became even easier to use, with the ability to input more information with full-screen PDF capabilities to email reports directly from the iPad, as well as print the reports from the iPhone and iPad. Available products are the web-based Property Evaluator and Property Tracker, and the standalone apps for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, which is just a one-time fee. There are three versions for the iPhone and iPad:  Standard, Premium and Pro editions. Jason highly recommends the software for its multiple uses and benefits at such an affordable price. Jason and Joel also discuss other investment related issues, such as the Affordability Index, cap rates, interest rates, and the different approaches to valuation of properties.

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Using your personal credit as a vehicle to obtaining business credit is unnecessary and a waste of time. It is possible for your small business to get higher credit limits by buying a shelf corporation which has been properly aged. If you are doing business in an industry deemed “risky” it may be harder to get business credit, but not impossible. Jason’s guest, Gerri Detweiler shares little known but very important tips and tricks to NAVigating the business credit system including who reports pay schedules and why it’s good to use Facebook like everyone is watching (*hint - it’s because they are).


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[2:38] Questions from investors about self-management & property appreciation

[11:20] Baltimore, Philly and the rest of Pennsylvania

[15:10] Kari’s personal rental in California

[18:14] Fixing and Flipping? There is an app for that

[19:01] JHU Live on March 12th in Salt Lake City, Utah


Guest Interview Gerri Detweiler:

[20:55] The reason why shelf corporations are attractive

[25:22] Leave your personal credit out of your business

[28:21] Business credit and small business loans

[32:16] Business credit reporting agencies

[36:10] The mystery which is business credit

[37:55] How do you know whether or not you have a business credit rating?

[39:44] Getting started with business credit is very easy so why wouldn’t you do it

[41:16] Transitioning to business credit

[42:41] Equity crowdfunding and how it gets interesting for business owners

[46:46] Character in lending

[47:42] Contact Gerri & get the book




Jason Hartman

We Go Look

Property Fixer

Jason Hartman University

Finance Your Own Business



Dun & Bradstreet

Kiva Zip

Corporate Direct

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The Birmingham market offers a whole new level of real estate investing. The possibility of owning two properties for what you might pay for one in other markets gives investors twice the opportunity and a bigger portfolio. If your property is listed as Section 8 eligible you are almost guaranteed a rent check every month. The city of Birmingham is focused on re-inventing itself by revitalizing the downtown area. The ROI on these investment properties is just too good to miss.


Hurry to sign up for Jason Hartman University Live event in March in the lovely ski destination city of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Key Takeaways:

[1:56] Who is skipping Flashback Friday? Jason calls you out

[5:34] Kari weeds through the local market specialists

[11:11] We make local market specialists go through hoops to do business with us

[16:35] Possible new projects in Phoenix, Charlotte, St. Louis, Dallas and Austin 

[22:10] Property Tracker and Property Evaluator help you evaluate real estate deals

[24:07] Be sure to sign up for the Salt Lake City, Utah JHU Live event in March


Birmingham Profile from Chris:

[25:13] Controlling a physical asset is a big draw to real estate investing

[26:22] The cost of living and barrier to entry in Birmingham is lower than other markets

[27:57] The city of Birmingham has been investing to revitalize the city

[29:56] Getting the right contractors and property manager is the key to acquisitions

[32:47] Vetting property managers and holding them accountable

[36:15] Section 8 investment properties are an almost guaranteed rent check

[38:40] ROI on many properties in Birmingham are above 40%

[42:19] Qualifications and customizations for target rehab properties

[46:53] Home warranties generally don’t apply to our level of investors



Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman University Live

Birmingham Properties

Property Tracker

Property Evaluator

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Robert Greene, best-selling author of such books as The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), and Mastery, joins Jason to talk about his wheelhouse topics – power and strategy.

Key Takeaways

· Jason’s take on the current state of European real estate investing – are there any likely prospects?
· What does it mean to become a master in your field? Why do so few people achieve this level of expertise?
· Discovering your calling is easy to say but here’s how you actually do it
· How to avoid hitting the proverbial career wall in your 30’s
· The telltale clues that you might be an entrepreneur
· Charles Darwin’s story – how this unassuming young man became one of history’s most renowned scientists
· Lose your self-absorption and increase your manipulative powers
· There are more types of seduction than you might realize. Here are 9 of them. How to discover your natural seductive area
· How to apply Napoleon’s classic flanking maneuver to your business

Robert Greene on Wikipedia

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Orlando is more than Disney, it’s a well-rounded city. There are major medical companies investing in the surrounding area. There are also basics to the State of Florida which make it a good place to invest. It offers asset protection, has no income tax for its residents and is pro-business and pro-landlord. This hybrid market is ripe and when the real estate market there corrects itself investment properties will appreciate to their proper values.


Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[2:01] To own or rent, that is the question

[5:56] City by city comparison for rent to own from Smart Asset calculator

[11:30] You can be winning in real estate even if it feels like you are losing

[13:37] The bigger the government the smaller the citizen

[15:00] Over time linear markets make sense


Orlando Local Market Specialist Interview:


[19:11] Foreclosures allow you to go cash flow positive in Orlando

[19:58] Market basics for achieving cash flow and appreciation

[22:58] Judicial foreclosure states versus non-judicial foreclosure states

[24:41] Removing the supply drives the price upwards and eliminates cash flow properties

[26:06] Buying below replacement costs in Orlando

[27:33] Las Vegas may be a massively over speculated, natural growth was needed

[29:16] Large companies are investing in Orlando

[31:09] Everybody knows Orlando, Florida - It’s more than Disney

[37:05] The right team, great deals are available and it’s landlord friendly

[38:23] Our management team was built for investors by investors

[39:58] Nobody wants an eviction but if it happens our group does it well

[44:05] Making the right choice in the real estate market - look 10 years in either direction



Jason Hartman University

Smart Asset

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Why do financial institutions exist and what is their proper role in our society? Today guest John Taft shares the original purpose and mission of the financial services industry. It may seem Wall Street is unwilling to do the right thing by aligning itself with businesses and helping real people in the real world through investments, but Mr. Taft says there are organizations which are still respected and he believes the system will soon right itself. He leaves us with a timely investment tip which is not to be missed.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[3:40] Jason voted with his feet - By leaving a high tax jurisdiction

[8:16] Forcing us to provide our own services

[10:08] True capitalism doesn’t allow for big corporations like we have today

[12:36] Understanding how assets classes react to different economic scenarios

[13:24] Join us in Salt Lake City, Utah for our new JHU live event


John Taft Guest Interview:

[16:35] A modern economy couldn’t exist without a financial system

[18:59] Every 10 to 20 years Wall Street forgets what it is supposed to be doing

[20:48] Some people go to Wall Street to make the world a better place

[25:51] The fundamental function of financial institutions is ...

[28:41] Roger Martin is a respected business school dean

[31:09] The good news to come out of the financial crisis

[34:04] The CFA Institute website

[36:19] The importance of financial innovation its function and its purpose

[38:38] We are still in a secular bull market for equities



RBC Wealth Management

A Force for Good


CFA Institute

Case-Shiller Index

Finance and the Good Society

Jason Hartman - Matrix Slides

Jason Hartman - JHU live event

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