Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Mark Fleming is the Chief Economist for First American Financial Corporation. He has been a trusted voice with over 20 years of experience in the mortgage and property information business. Mark talks on the housing collapse, where the housing market is today, and why you should pay attention to the Millennial and Baby Boomer market.  


Key Takeaways:

[6:10] Jason does the math on a high-end property in a cyclical market versus a lower-priced property in a linear market. 

[12:00] Owning five diversified properties is much better than owning one expensive property.  

[17:45] If you want to be green, be a cash flow investor.

[20:05] Jason introduces Mark Fleming. 

[23:25] Before the recession, there was a lot of incentive to flip homes as oppose to buying a home to live in. 

[26:00] Texas, the Dakotas, and Oklahoma are considered the energy states and currently have a good real estate market. 

[28:40] Mark talks judicial versus nonjudicial foreclosures. 

[36:30] Pay attention to where Millennials want to live and where Baby Boomers want to retire. 

[45:00] Mark believes Millennials might marry later, but they will still have a high marriage rate. 

[47:50] We may see a major shift in housing when Millennials are in their mid 30s. 

[51:20] What should the home-ownership rate be? Mark believes 65% is the magic number. 


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Doug Brunt is the former CEO of Authentium and author of, “GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN.” In his new book, he transports readers back to the extravagant times before Bear Stearns collapsed, exposing a culture with boundless bonuses, where the company expense account was routinely used for bar tabs, visits to strip clubs, and worse. He even throws in some comical stories and describes some of them. Brunt offers a withering view of life on Wall Street from the perspective of an unhappy insider, run-down by the corrosive lifestyle which is jeopardizing his marriage, who is too hooked on the money to find a way out.

Brunt is married to FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly, who has helped him with his books. Brunt describes their relationship and why he gave up a lucrative career as an Internet security entrepreneur.

Find out more about Doug Brunt at

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Jason welcomes back Steve, an old co-host. Steve is currently working with HomeVestors as a house flipper and shares his experience on the show. Jason reminds the audience that what Steve does is actually a full-time business that you have to manage, which may not appeal to his more passive investor audience. We also learn from Steve on what the real estate market is like in Utah and if it's worth investing in it or not. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Jason welcomes back his old co-host, Steve. 

[6:00] When you become a house flipper, you also become a legal aid and social worker. 

[8:00] Steve shares a story about a house he flipped. 

[19:30] Buying homes at a discount is an art.

[23:00] Jason and Steve talk about hypocritical celebrities. 

[28:30] House flipping is a business. What Jason does is an investment. 

[32:00] What's the real estate market like in Utah right now? 

[38:00] If you're located in Magna, Utah, please email Jason. 


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The Big Short by Michael Lewis 

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Laurence Kotlikoff is a second time guest to the Creating Wealth show and has a lot to share on the subject of economics and Social Security. Laurence Kotlikoff is a William Warren FairField Professor for Economics at Boston University and recently released a book entitled, Get What's Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security. Laurence sits down with Jason to talk on the growing Social Security problem, the U.S. government's 210 trillion dollar time bomb, and what kind of economic environment we should expect in the next ten years. 


Key Takeaways:

[4:15] U-Haul is a good litmus test for migration trends. 

[9:25] Jason recommends reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. 

[10:45] Look out for the informal Chicago property tour July 15th

[14:00] Jason welcomes Laurence Kotlikoff to the show. 

[14:55] How is Social Security sexist? 

[19:30] By waiting until you're 70-years-old, you'd be collecting a 76% higher Social Securities check. 

[25:30] The true fiscal gap the government is facing is around 210 trillion dollars. 

[30:15] How does the U.S. debt compare to the rest of the world? 

[39:55] Should we expect an inflationary, deflationary, or stagnationary economy in the future? 

[43:50] Laurence encourages even the younger generation to the read his book, Get What's Yours. 

[45:40] is a website that shares details on how economists believe you can fix the economy. 


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The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

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Catherine McBreen is the President of Millionaire Corner and the author of “Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass it On: The Wealth-Accumulation Secrets of America’s Richest Families”.

The U.S. is now seeing record numbers of millionaires. McBreen explains the effect stocks have had on this run-up. She recently released a service called “Find an Advisor,” and discusses how it helps people find the best financial advisor for them. She also analyzes investment newsletters in lieu of financial advisors. McBreen finally talks about the effect money has on happiness and marriage relations.


Visit Millionaire Corner at

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Jason invites Fernando to talk about the first inaugural event of the Venture Alliance mastermind meeting. Fernando says it was a small number of people who attended, but the value of information that he gained was priceless. Bob Proctor is today's Creating Wealth main guest. He is widely considered one of the greatest speakers on personal development and he teaches people how to unlock their hidden abilities. Bob and Jason talk on the subject of creativity, taking control of your life, breaking out of your conditioning, and much more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[2:25] What did Fernando think of the first Venture Alliance mastermind meeting? 

[10:30] It's very difficult to find larger, more speculative deals on your own without the support of more experienced real estate investors.  

[14:05] You can join Jason and Fernando on an informal Chicago property tour and just hang out with the guys on July 16th

[15:40] Jason introduces Bob Proctor. 

[17:05] Bob helps people recognize who they are, how to set goals, and much more. 

[20:45] We're conditioned to live the way we live and if that doesn't change, the results don't change.  

[26:55] The U.S is filled with creativity compared to other countries like China, for example. 

[29:50] What's Bob's thoughts on The Secret? 

[34:25] How do we find our purpose? 

[38:05] Bob gives some quick tips on how to accomplish your goals. 

[39:35] Do your work, put your heart into it, and the sky will clear. 


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Jason invites Ian Kimal to answer some his question. Ian has been a Creating Wealth listener for quite some time and asks Jason on how to successfully screen a good management company, owning apartments versus single-family homes, and much more on today's episode.  


Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Jason talks about some of the upcoming episodes you can expect. 

[4:40] The mastermind group last weekend was a great success. 

[10:10] Zimbabwe is the perfect example of what happens with bad governance and central banking. 

[12:50] Jason invites a listener, Ian Kimbal, to the show. 

[16:20] If Jason purchased a property later in life, he would have missed out on a great learning opportunity. 

[17:00] Apartments are complicated, but they're still do-able. 

[23:40] How do you protect yourself from liability when you're young? 

[32:35] Have a separate bank account for your real estate investing activities

[34:05] Should you get a real estate specific resume? 

[38:48] What are the best ways to screen property management companies?

[47:00] Should you go out and physically look at a property? 


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Oringally aired as CW 362


The tables have been turned on Jason Hartman during Episode #362 of The Creating Wealth Show. Normally Jason asks the questions, but today, host Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network sets the agenda. What transpires is a nuts and bolts crash course in the exact reasons single family residential properties are Jason’s preferred form of investing, bar none. Better than the stock market or gold by a long shot, and safer than apartment complexes or commercial properties. If you have an interest in a better understanding of the kind of investing that creates actual wealth for the long term, don’t skip this show.

About Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz has been a student of Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending Pace University, he stumbled upon an extensive cache of Austrian Economic Literature in a dark, musty, abandoned section of the school’s library. After graduating from The New York Law School, he became an attorney and life-long serial entrepreneur. His diverse career has included: running a legal printing company, practicing commercial law and litigation and founding a successful distressed asset investment company.
In 2010, Kerry gave up most of his other interests to pursue his long held desire of becoming a radio show host. Thus the Financial Survival Network was born. Its mission, much like that of Jason Hartman’s, is helping you to survive and thrive in the New Economy. He has done hundreds of interviews with such financial luminaries as Peter Schiff, Harry S. Dent, Martin Armstrong and Peter Grandich. Kerry now appears on 1230 WBZT, in West Palm Beach, FL, every Sunday from 9am-10pm EST.

In This Episode, Jason Addresses:

  • Is the dollar collapse real or fiction and why it might not matter
  • Why math math is irrelevant when it comes to the economy
  • Where Chinese millionaires want to live
  • Why residential property investments beat multi-family and commercial
  • How you can tell if your real estate portfolio is diversified
  • What’s wrong with most real estate gurus’ and their promises
  • much, MUCH more…

Don’t miss Jason’s monologue, which leads off this episode. He discusses the recent merger of eLance and oDesk, the scam of life insurance as an investment,why college no longer makes financial sense, and what Steve Jobs told President Obama about creating more jobs.


The Financial Survival Network
Check out this episode!

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Jason Hartman has answered a number of Steve G. Jones's voice mail questions on previous Creating Wealth episodes and now he appears today as a guest! Steve has a lot of great questions for Jason on the topics of purchasing income property, renting versus buying properties, and much more. By the way, during Jason's move from Phoenix to California, he found another dozen of the physical product of the Meet the Masters home study courses. Go to to buy it at an incredible discount.


Key Takeaways:

[3:50] There's no such thing as return on equity.

[9:30] Longevity is a big deal, so let's plan for it in our investment strategy. 

[11:20] Jason plays and answers a listener question. 

[16:00] In moving, Jason found another dozen Meet the Masters home study courses. Go to to get it at an incredible discount. 

[17:45] Jason invites a listener, Steve G. Jones, onto the show. 

[24:50] The Khan Academy has some great videos on the difference between renting versus owning. 

[29:15] Jason's rent to value ratio holds up worldwide. 

[38:00] What would Jason buy if he had a $1.2 million credit line and $1m in cash? 

[42:50] There are only three types of smart investments you can make with your money. Jason explains. 

[47:15] Don't be in the stock market! You'll just get ripped off. 

[50:55] If you have more questions for Jason, please feel free to call in and appear on the Creating Wealth show. 


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Bill Tatro is an economist and is a former radio show host of It's All About Money. This is Bill's second time on the Creating Wealth show and Jason catches up with him on what's new in the economy. Bill talks on Gen Y's disinterest in golf and tennis, Gen Y being more money savvy than their parents, and much more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Jason has finally moved to California. 

[3:10] The first event for Venture Alliance starts this Friday evening in San Diego. 

[4:30] Jason introduces Bill Tatro to the show. 

[5:15] Gen Y doesn't seem to be interested in golf. 

[10:20] How does golf and tennis work in a Keynesian world? 

[14:15] Millennials understand finance. 

[18:45] Why will a Keynesian system end in war? 

[25:00] People are just not spending money right now. 

[26:35] The only way out of debt is through inflation. 

[30:00] Most retirees have to sell their assets to create an income stream. 

[34:55] Barrack Obama has succeeded in destroying the middle class and having more people become dependent on the government. 


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Originally aired as CW 433

In his introduction today, Jason Hartman shares his opinions and experiences with the growing trend of psychiatric prescription drugs, as well as reinstating how real estate investors can avoid having to hand over huge portions of their profit to the government. 

Later, he invites financial analyst Daniel Amerman on as a return guest to the Creating Wealth Show. Together, they discuss their respective solutions for eliminating debt, they talk about new American laws and regulations and their impact on the global financial market and ultimately, they resolve that sometimes you just have to align yourself with those in power to be successful.

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When Fernando first met Jason, he had a goal to purchase enough properties to successfully achieve 'financial independence day'. A couple of years later, he built an impressive portfolio and is now retired from his job at Apple Computers. Fernando is now one of Jason's investment counselors and today he hopes to answer some common questions his real estate investor clients have been asking him. 


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Jason would love to have listeners on the show. Fill out a guest form at 

[4:45] In the membership section of, the audio players use Flash. Jason's team is fixing this. 

[9:15] What's the process if you want to get started in real estate? 

[16:35] Listen to the Creating Wealth podcast to get a free education on real estate.

[18:25] Please listen to episode 405 and learn how to read a property pro forma. 

[21:45] You learn a lot just by coming to one of Jason's live events. 

[29:45] Jason's business model is a simple one. They work on referrals and don't charge you a dime. 

[32:00] You can own property without an LLC, but please read Mark Kohler's book, What Your CPA Isn't Telling You.  

[37:35] You can have a good or bad tenant on any A, B, or C class property. 

[39:25] Last thoughts? Don't over think the numbers too much. We are here to help you through the process, all you have to do is start. 


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What Your CPA Isn't Telling You by Mark Kohler

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Jason Hartman talks on how much he hates seeing people being ripped off in Las Vegas casinos and how casinos hurts the local economy more than helps it. He also does a case study with his long time client Joe Gocalves from Los Angeles. Joe has accumulated over 9 properties in five different markets and he shares to the audience why he chose real estate to achieve financial independence. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:50] Every time a casino opens in an area, the divorce, suicide and poverty rate increases. 

[8:15] Jason describes derivatives as 'the thing about the thing'. 

[12:15] According to the National Association of Realtors, prices will be increasing. 

[17:20] Jason introduces Joe and investment counselor Sara to the show. 

[21:30] Joe heard Jason's podcast, loved it, and he bought two properties on the spot with him. 

[26:30] Joe purchased a section 8 home and it's been the easiest property to manage so far.  

[27:25] Sara shares her opinion on section 8 homes. 

[33:20] Jason used to think investing in a lot of different cities was good, but now he only recommends being in 3-5 markets instead. 

[36:15] Jason is not happy with Affinity Group Management and talks about why. 

[42:00] Joe invested in stocks before he invested in real estate and lost money in the 2000 crash. 


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