Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman goes more in-depth into one of the principles he discussed in Monday's episode where he talked about why taxes can't be the solution to the monetary situation the United States finds itself in. It's simple math.

Then Jason discusses the "Smartest Man in Silicon Valley" and how he was able to utilize a Roth IRA to incredible results.

Finally we finish Jason's presentation he gave to a mastermind group recently, taking a much deeper look into the Hartman Comparison Index.

Key Takeaways:

[4:4] Why taxes can't solve the government's current problem

[8:20] Hidden taxes abound in our society

[10:33] Giving due to what Peter Thiel has been able to do with his Roth IRA

[15:17] How Thiel leveraged a $2,000 Roth into 5 Billion

Jason Hartman Live:

[22:16] The best way to value properties

[25:03] How to tell if you're in a linear market

[27:58] Reviewing the HCI

[34:20] Mortgage payments today are cheaper


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Some reports are expecting real estate appreciation of nearly 15% in the next year. That's a good return on investment, but that doesn't even include leverage. Leverage can make it astronomical.

Then, Jason Hartman plays the first part of his most recent presentation to a mastermind group from this past weekend. In it Jason discusses our current inflation situation, how we might get out of it, and gives a real life example of how Inflation Induced Debt Destruction helped tens of millions of people get deals that were better than they could ever have imagined when they signed their mortgages.

Key Takeaways:

[6:46] Jerry Jones' real estate investing advice to Emmitt Smith

[8:22] Typical time on market has fallen to 6 days, but we experienced the strongest rent growth in over 5 years

[10:56] Leverage makes your return otherworldly

Jason Hartman Presentation Part 1:

[16:24] What will this recent government irresponsibility lead to?

[20:59] Jason's solutions for our current monetary situation

[24:30] To understand inflation you have to distinguish between nominal and real

[29:10] A real life example of the power of income properties


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 353, originally published in December 2013.

John McAfee is in the news, as he is trying to create an NSA-proof gadget used for private internet browsing, called "Decentral." McAfee, original creator of McAfee Antivirus software was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Salem, Virginia, United States. 

McAfee was employed as a programmer by NASA's Institute for Space Studies in New York City from 1968 to 1970. From there he went to Univac as a software designer and later to Xerox. as an operating system architect. In 1978 he joined Computer Sciences Corporation as a software consultant. Later, while employed by Lockheed in the 1980s, McAfee received a copy of the Pakistani Brain computer virus and began developing software to combat viruses.

In 1987 McAfee founded McAfee Associates, a computer anti-virus company. He was the first to distribute anti-virus software using the shareware business model. In 1989, he quit Lockheed and began working full-time at McAfee Associates, which he initially operated from his home in Santa Clara, California.The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1992, and McAfee resigned from the company in 1994. Two years after McAfee Associates went public, McAfee sold his remaining stake in the company.

Network Associates was formed in 1997 as a merger of McAfee Associates and Network General. This company later became Network Associates, a name it retained for seven years until it was renamed McAfee. Now a subsidiary of Intel corporation, McAfee remains today as one of the largest anti-virus companies in the world.

Other business ventures that he founded included Tribal Voice, which developed one of the first instant messaging programs, PowWow. In 2000, John McAfee invested in and joined the board of directors of Zone Labs, makers of firewall software, prior to its acquisition by Check Point Software in 2003.

In August 2009, The New York Times reported that McAfee's personal fortune had declined to $4 million from a peak of $100 million, the effect of the global financial crisis and recession on his investments.

Beginning in February 2010, McAfee started a new venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing. His company QuorumEx has its headquarters in Belize and is working towards producing commercial all natural antibiotics based on anti-quorum sensing technology. In 2013 McAfee started a new company, Future Tense Central, to produce a secure computer network device called the D-Central.


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Home prices around the country have been skyrocketing, as everyone knows. That has given everyone equity they could never have expected, and made investors returns they could never have dreamed of.

Then, Jason went on Casey Weade's Retire with Purpose YouTube channel back at the beginning of the pandemic to discuss what's happening in the real estate market and what Jason expected to happen.

Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Home prices have now topped $350k

[7:38] The Hartman Comparison Index is always open for help from listeners

[10:38] Owning assets is what's making the rich richer right now

[14:12] If you had 10% equity in a property a year ago, you have likely made a 231% increase in your wealth in the property

Casey Interview of Jason:

[18:40] Where Jason saw the biggest opportunities in real estate

[21:26] The Rise of Suburbia is upon us

[25:27] Is now the time to buy or are better opportunities coming?

[32:14] Always search for necessity housing in suburban markets

[37:58] How the short-term rental market will change

[42:15] Look for an expansion in Section 8 program


Retire With Purpose on YouTube

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Jason Hartman takes a look at what's going on with inflation today, and it isn't a pretty look. We're seeing inflation numbers that haven't been seen in nearly 30 years. What will happen next?

Then Jason examines why it's so important to keep local political climates in mind when you're buying investment properties, as well as fluctuating commodity prices and how much house flipping has changed since Covid began.

Key Takeaways:

[2:26] Core inflation at highest levels since 1992

[9:18] California is consideringe extending their eviction ban past June

[15:58] US housing market is short 5.5 million homes according to the NAR

[17:46] Lumber prices are moving lower

[19:51] House flipping has hit its lowest level in 21 years


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 672, originally published in

Nicole Gelinas is the author of After the Fall:Saving Capitalism From Wall Street - and Washington. She is also a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal and a columnist for the NY Post and a contributing writer to the NY Times. She shares her thoughts on the personal finance strategies of the US working class, how the government is quick to hand out support to the financial industry while ignoring the voting public and why she thinks people are even considering Donald Trump in this year’s election. She acknowledges the vast Wall Street conspiracy that we indeed live in interesting times.

Key Takeaways:

[1:18] A week long property tour of the area which is considered ground zero for the real estate bust, Central Florida.

[5:39] Go to and watch the “How to Analyze a Real Estate Investment” to assist you in standardizing your data.

[8:31] The Greater Cincinnati Metro Area Property Tour and a Creating Wealth Boot Camp are coming up soon so secure your place today.

Nicole Gelinas Guest Interview:

[18:01] The voting public is fed up and trying to change the system for the better in their own imperfect way.

[23:49] Washington policymakers seem to think that whatever is good for the financial industry is good for the rest of the country. 

[27:35] Is US real estate market in the middle of a boom then bust cycle?

[32:38] People should have one year’s worth of liquid assets before they invest any money in a savings plan.

[37:51] If you don’t mind taking the risk and doing the work investing in single family homes for rentals can make sense.

[41:10] Contact information for Nicole

Mentioned in This Episode:

Property Evaluator

Manhattan Institute’s City Journal

After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street and Washington

@nicolegelinas on Twitter

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In today's 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Dennis Kucinich, former Congressman and Democratic Presidential Candidate, as well as former Mayor of Cleveland. Dennis and Jason discuss how we may be able to fix political corruption, the demise of competition in today's society, what to do about companies growing too large, and more.

But before that, Jason answers a listener question about hedge funds buying so many single family properties in the US. Jason explains how investors can utilize what the hedge funds are doing to their own benefit, and why it's not as big a deal as many believe.

Key Takeaways:

[9:45] Mega banks are buying US real estate at incredible levels

[12:34] Even with institutional investors buying real estate at high levels it's still not a huge segment of the housing market

Dennis Kucinich Interview:

[17:41] Can we ever fix the political corruption problem?

[22:09] Some people in politics have the wrong nature of the world

[26:06] What can we do about the consolidation of wealth and the availability of capital for most businesses

[30:14] Competition is the essence of democracy


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Inventory has been scarce in the United States for a while now, so how much longer are we going to have to wait before we see an increase? Jason Hartman looks at the numbers and sees a long wait ahead for those who are looking for the bottom to get into the market.

Then, Jason looks at the everything shortage and whether we're looking at transitory inflation like Jerome Powell likes to talk about, or whether what we're seeing now is going to be permanent.

Key Takeaways:

[5:10] Jason, Ken McElroy, and George Gammon launched their new mastermind group this past weekend

[14:30] Comparing housing inventory levels over time

[17:57] Housing inventory has dropped 2/3 since 2016

[22:55] Microchip shortages is impacting car production

[28:17] Prices are sticky, so why should we expect prices to drop when supply chains open up completely?


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 652, originally published in February 2016.

Why do financial institutions exist and what is their proper role in our society? Today guest John Taft shares the original purpose and mission of the financial services industry. It may seem Wall Street is unwilling to do the right thing by aligning itself with businesses and helping real people in the real world through investments, but Mr. Taft says there are organizations which are still respected and he believes the system will soon right itself. He leaves us with a timely investment tip which is not to be missed.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] Jason voted with his feet - By leaving a high tax jurisdiction

[8:16] Forcing us to provide our own services

[10:08] True capitalism doesn’t allow for big corporations like we have today

[12:36] Understanding how assets classes react to different economic scenarios

[13:24] Join us in Salt Lake City, Utah for our new JHU live event

John Taft Guest Interview:

[16:35] A modern economy couldn’t exist without a financial system

[18:59] Every 10 to 20 years Wall Street forgets what it is supposed to be doing

[20:48] Some people go to Wall Street to make the world a better place

[25:51] The fundamental function of financial institutions is ...

[28:41] Roger Martin is a respected business school dean

[31:09] The good news to come out of the financial crisis

[34:04] The CFA Institute website

[36:19] The importance of financial innovation its function and its purpose

[38:38] We are still in a secular bull market for equities


RBC Wealth Management

A Force for Good


CFA Institute

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History works in cycles. While one cycle can't define everything, when enough cycles overlap they can point directly at what's going to happen.

Mark Moss joins Jason Hartman to discuss some recent cycles that are overlapping and pointing to very specific things happening that will change the way society works.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Money always goes where it's treated best

[7:08] Mark likes to break cycles into political, societal, economic and technological

[11:18] Are we in a 4th turning and peak globalism?

[15:05] There have been 5 technological revolutions in the last 250 years

[20:02] The Fed and the fiat monetary system is against the natural law

[25:07] Central bank coins will be the perfect surveillance tool

[28:48] Mark does not believe there's intrinsic value in anything

[31:37] What you need to do to prepare for this coming change

[35:54] Seeing asset prices skyrocket doesn't mean it's time to cash out


Mark Moss on YouTube

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Tax sales are what Julia Spencer refers to as the "wild west of real estate". Listen in as she tells Jason Hartman why that is. Julia explains why tax sales are so appealing, some of her success stories, things to watch for in the industry, and how you can get involved.

Julia and Jason also dive into the current real estate market. The two look at how Covid has changed the renter dynamics, especially in the short-term rental world.

Key Takeaways:

[4:01] The basics of tax sales

[8:49] One of the draws of the industry is the low cost of entry

[12:52] There's a learning curve with tax deed investing but it can be done in a couple months

[17:26] Julia's thought's on the current real estate market

[19:58] It's gotten a lot easier to find good tenants in this environment

[23:58] Short term rental tenants have changed in the Covid world


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 512, originally published in May 2015.

Jason invites his top investment counselor, Sara, to the show. Jason and Sara share their thoughts on the Memphis market and what potential investors might expect. Sara also lists the importance of having the right mindset when investing in a C property and Jason gives a break down on the price ranges of A, B, and C class properties on the show. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] Jason shares his impression on the Memphis market. 

[5:00] Sara shares her thoughts.

[6:50] Section 8 tenants do stick around.

[11:50] How much is a class A home? It varies. 

[18:45] You need to have the proper mindset for C properties. 

[20:15] Jason talks about the general pricing of A, B, and C properties. 

[28:15] Try and target a 4% annual rent increase. 

[37:50] Remember, every property is an individual case. 

[43:45] Be careful who you listen to! 

Mentioned In This Episode:

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One of the most important things you can do when analyzing real estate deals is standardizing your data. Jason Hartman takes today's episode to break down the pro formas you'll find listed on his website and explain the concepts behind it.

Key Takeaways:

[2:02] It's crucial to get back to the fundamentals

[5:09] Tomorrow, June 3, 2021, at 5pm Pacific will be a live stream with Jason, Ken McElroy and George Gammon

[9:34] You MUST standardize your data

[15:12] Starting to break down the pro forma

[20:39] High land value areas are riskier

[25:31] Historical appreciation is about 6% across the country

[30:26] Cap rates are flawed when it comes to single family properties

Live Stream June 3, 2021 @ 8pm with Ken McElroy & George Gammon!

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