Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman and Adam start today's show looking at some Zillow stats relating to median home prices and what the average American can actually afford.

Then Jason talks with Jennifer Hsieh, VP of Homes and Villas at Marriott International, about how Marriott is working with short-term rental property owners to become a big player. Jennifer explains why she doesn't feel the short-term market is over supplied and whether this is all just a fad.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] Self-managing isn't as difficult as you may believe, which can be aided by Jason's new Empowered Investor Community

[6:47] Median home price today is around $227,000 according to Zillow

[10:36] Median household income compared to median home prices is creating affordability issues

[15:59] What to do as an investor if home ownership rates decline, rents start rising and GDP slows

Jennifer Hsieh Interview:

[21:54] Big players have been entering the short-term rental market for a while

[24:05] How does entering your property into the Marriott branded pool work?

[26:30] The target demographic

[30:14] How do companies like Marriott take care of customers when it comes to short-term rentals?

[32:40] What happens to the short-term rental market when the economy turns


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