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Are we on the verge of war? The situation in Ukraine and an impending war with Russia is something that should concern us all. The news media is a joke as political sound bites rule the day. And listen in on Mark Steyn of the GB News Channel on YouTube as he talks about the PANIC PORN forced down our throats by supposedly democratic government leaders. 

And we also take up part 2 of Jason's interview with Robert Breedlove, host of The "What Is Money" Show as they continue to do a deep dive on the concept of money and how it affects society as a whole! Especially the emergence of the crypto currency around the world and how it alter our daily lives.

Key Takeaways:

1:37 On the verge of war

4:51 What does it mean to the money?

6:16 A perspective on housing affordability

7:43 The news media has become a joke

10:10 Commentary from Mark Steyn

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19:27 Money is a language, Bitcoin investing strategy

22:47 Bitcoin is an internet protocol, Bitcoin as digital gold

24:47  The threat of Bitcoin to governments and central banks

27:42 Could Bitcoin be made illegal?

30:31 The state is lashing out trying to reassert the validity of its borders through excessive action

33:43 Inflation and taxation to cover government debt

34:44 Bitcoin ideology and technology


GB News Channel on YouTube


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