Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

There's a reason home prices continue to go up, and it's not because of a speculative bubble. Jason Hartman takes today's intro to examine some of the factors involved in the recent runup of real estate prices.

The Jason joins Doug Utberg on The Terminal Value podcast to talk economics of the day. The two discuss how you truly grow wealthy in the United States, whether we're really in a low inflation environment, the impact of low interest rates, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] There's a shortage of EVERYTHING in the housing market

[5:18] Why the bubble is still down the road

[8:13] Rents are seeing immense upward pressure

Doug Utberg Interview:

[16:23] The REAL way you grow wealthy. There's only 2 ways.

[22:29] There's more inflation that we're being told

[28:28] When you adjust the numbers to current value, real estate has gotten cheaper the last 14 years

[33:14] Low interest rates will kill supply in the coming years as people won't want to give up their low interest rate and move


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 550, originally published in August 2015.

Dr. Vitale believes when you learn to get clean with money and stop self sabotaging your financial future you will start to attract more money to you. You must first get through the filters that are your beliefs and see what is really possible to know you are deserving of living a wealthy life. When you want something and have the means to obtain it you should buy it to reinforce an unconscious belief of worthiness. And, always give back a portion of your good fortune to create a bond of trust in the universe.  

Key Takeaways:

[2:01] Indicators for an available single family property in Chicago area 

[5:32] What is a DCR?

Dr. Joe Vitale Interview:

[10:54] Dr. Vitale has been working on this lately

[14:00] The 2 reasons you don’t let money into your life

[15:03] Get clean with money, money isn’t evil, money is neutral

[19:55] Our conscious beliefs are us in the waking world

[22:32] The 7 steps in the free Attract Money Now book 

[24:30] The difference between a fact and a belief

[28:13] The psychology around prosperous purchasing

[32:11] Give 10% of what you have to what or who inspires you

[36:06] Think like an entrepreneur and look for opportunities

[36:50] Listen for complaints and make the product or service solution


Attractor Factor

Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

Attract Money Now

The Secret Prayer

Hypnotic Marketing

Miracles Manual

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Once again we have good news, and we have bad news. The US population growth has been slowing for a long time, but now it's getting to record levels. Jason Hartman starts off the show by examining the impact that will have on the country moving forward.

Then we have the conclusion of Jason's live speech discussing how to invest in an inflationary market and grow your wealth during the unprecedented money printing.

Key Takeaways:

[1:52] US population growth has slowed to the lowest since the Great Depression

[5:23] We've banked a lot as a society on growing population

[11:58] Don't forget the good news!

Live Presentation

[15:02] The power of hedonic indexing

[20:23] The problem with the doom and gloomers is they rely solely on the math

[26:51] Don't fall victim to the Reluctant Investor's Lament


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The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange is under threat by the Biden administration, and Jason's taking advantage of it while it still exists. But he's not taking advantage of it in his usual way. He's actually going about it completely backward from his old tactics.

Then, listen in to Jason's presentation on how to invest in an inflationary market and grow your wealth during unprecendented money creation.

Key Takeaways:

[4:01] Jason's reverse 2-for-1 1031 tax deferred exchange

[9:23] The Regression to Replacement Cost is creating upside in the market

Jason's LIVE Presentation:

[13:04] The hidden wealth creator of income property

[20:18] The U-Haul Index

[24:25] 2020's money creation was beyond any historical precendent

[29:28] What's going to win between inflationary and deflationary forces?

[35:51] 6 ways the government can get out of their debts


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 399, originally published in August 2014.

Bill Cheney is the Chief Economist at John Hancock Financial Services. He joins the podcast do discuss how job growth was affected by the weather this past winter and if investors are feeling positive or negative about the stock market and economy.

Bill directs economic research for John Hancock Financial Services, the U.S. division of Toronto-based Manulife Financial Corporation. Based in Boston, he forecasts macro-economic and financial trends and analyzes the potential impact on the company’s individual business lines and investments.  Cheney is a member of the National Association of Business Economists.

Cheney also talks about whether investors think it is a good time to:
- buy a home 
- purchase a big-ticket item
- start a business

Cheney wraps up the conversation by providing data on Americans being concerned about healthcare costs and the national debt.


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Housing inventory hasn’t magically reached levels that will cool off the market, but there are some good signs on the horizon. Jason Hartman breaks down a recent article with information presented by Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, discussing some of the good news that’s headed toward the housing market. But, like everything in life, there’s a flip side to the coin that isn’t as good news for buyers.

Listen in as Jason asks the question that the mainstream won’t ask, and examines the good and the bad of our current landscape.

Key Takeaways:

[3:59] Housing market inventory recovery?

[8:03] The market we're in can absorb a LOT more inventory

[11:58] Home starts jumped 15%

[17:23] Millennials still aren't buying homes in large percentages

[20:03] Almost none of the new inventory being built/coming online now is in the price range that makes sense for rentals


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It's been a long time since Jason Hartman has done a listener question episode, so he and Adam sit down and get to some of the questions that have come in.

Listen in as the two explore how to attack coming inflation, why banks give out loans, the future of housing prices, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:37] Listener Question from Terry about profiting from inflation if you can't get an investment property

[10:21] Listener Question from CluverBusy about why banks give mortgages if it's so advantageous to the borrower

[15:58] Listener Question from Rich Jarsky: what's the best market to buy income properties in?

[24:10] Listener Question from Peter: What about when you can't get a fixed rate mortgage

[25:21] Listener Question from Ju Liu: Will we ever see housing prices go down?


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 696, originally published in July 2016.

Jason shares his 10 Commandments of Successful Investing in this audio recording of his live presentation during the Orlando, Florida Creating Wealth Seminar and Property Tour. He looks back at getting his real estate license at the age of 19 and the decisions he made when he sold his first company. Jason has become a multimillionaire by living by these guidelines and you can too. Income property is the most historically favored asset class. Why gamble your money in stocks and bonds when you can make solid, long-term investments in the US real estate market?

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] You need to build a portfolio before you consider protecting your assets and estate planning. 

[12:58] The Denis Waitley poem that changed Jason’s life.

The 10 Commandments of Successful Investing Live Presentation:

[16:27] Thou shalt become educated.

[21:40] Seek guidance: Have a team including an investment counselor.

[22:56] Thou shalt maintain control.

[25:30] Thou shalt not gamble.

[27:53] Thou shalt diversify.

[29:54] Be area agnostic.

[31:02] Thou shalt use borrowed money.

[33:42] Thou shalt only invest where there is universal need - Avoid trends. 

[34:35] Purchase tax-favored assets.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Hartman Education

Denis Waitley Creating Wealth Ep. #150

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How bad is the retirement savings situation in the USA? Well, Jason Hartman breaks down what we're actually looking at, and it isn't pretty.

Then Jason has a client case study with Curt Moe. Curt listened to the podcast for nearly a decade before taking the plunge into real estate investing. Now, he's all in.

Curt explains why he started looking into real estate, what helped him overcome his limited beliefs, how cash flow has helped him in his life, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:31] Retirement saving recommendations tend to overlook the impact of inflation

[7:56] The sad state of retirement savings in the USA

Client Case Study:

[18:18] When Curt started buying rental properties

[22:49] The importance of overcoming limiting beliefs

[28:06] The comparison trap of social media

[31:25] Why Curt even looked into real estate in the first place

[36:25] The world is full of trustworthy and helpful people, so don't be afraid to ask for help


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50 years ago President Nixon took the USA off the last remaining connection to the Gold Standard. Since then a lot has changed, but one constant has been inflation. Jason Hartman starts off the episode looking at what Nixon did that really staved off massive inflation.

Then Jason talks with The Rebel Capitalist George Gammon about the newest Operation Twist. This is a program run previously that aims to manipulate yields. George explains how it did work and how it might be used again. The two also examine the hyperinflation of Weimar, Germany, and see if there's any link to what's happening in the USA today.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] It's been 50 years since we went off the Gold Standard

[5:38] Nixon's reasoning for going off the Gold Standard

George Gammon Interview:

[9:48] What was Operation Twist and what's version 2 look like today?

[14:33] The impact of the Treasury spending down their account

[19:28] How bank actions are distorting the yield curve

[23:35] Is all of this as inflationary as it sounds?

[26:02] Average income in the US is substantially rising

[36:44] Weimar, Germany's inflation story


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 545, originally published in July 2015.

This is a must listen to episode for investors. Guest Harry Dent has written over 7 books on using demographics to predict economic outcomes. He and Jason discuss the inevitable Chinese market crash, the deflation that is headed our way and the massive amounts of debt in the private and public sectors. For real estate buyers, it appears that the everyday house is the best place to invest right now and in the next 3 to 4 years we just might see the lowest interest rates on mortgage loans of this lifetime. Harry warns that the bigger the bubble the bigger the burst and predicts we will see the Dow drop below 6000 in the coming years and fracking bonds will be crucified. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:06] Daniel wants to know about a sole proprietorship

[3:48] There is no asset protection sole proprietorship 

[4:37] An LLC could be a self management company  

[6:15] Self managed properties 

[8:08] The power of the Venture Alliance Mastermind

[9:34] Jason’s next event - Sept/Oct

[11:28] The cost of colonizing the moon

Harry Dent interview:

[12:58] Florida the no income tax state

[13:44] A something for nothing life is not realistic

[14:36] Deleveraging the debt leads to money disappearing

[16:22] Debt grew 2.7x’s faster than GDP

[17:48] We are sitting on unfunded liabilities at 4x’s the GDP

[18:54] Debt detox is needed

[21:17] Is the U.S. in a legitimate economic recovery?

[24:39] Harry’s opinions on high end real estate 

[26:41] Banks and governments made bad loans

[27:23] Why the uber rich won’t get richer after this bubble 

[28:51] The greater fool theory - the Chinese are the last fools standing 

[31:16] Trends and data from China 

[33:45] Speculation will cause the crash in China

[35:22] The U.S. fracking industry will default

[37:00] Deflation is a sign a bubble is bursting 100 trillion dollars will disappear

[38:19] The Dow will drop to under 6,000 in the magphone pattern

[41:25] Junk bonds will be crucified and growing default rates

[42:48] Mortgage rate will come down in 3 or 4 years


The Roaring 2000’s

The Great Depression Ahead

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How would your life change if you found peace with money?

Many of us don't have the greatest relationship with money, whether we realize it or not. But if you are able to make peace with it, you'll find that it opens your life up to much more than you can imagine.

Ken Honda, author of Happy Money, The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, joins Jason Hartman to discuss why giving is so powerful, the importance of money, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[3:39] What does it mean to not be at peace with your money

[8:20] Money is just a number and an idea

[12:21] Ken's money container philosophy

[16:33] What you appreciate, appreciates

[21:36] What you can do to invite more happy money into your life


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Jason Hartman has been saying that house prices now are nominally high but cheap in the way that people ACTUALLY buy houses. Now it seems that other people are coming around to that realization as well. Could it be true that housing is cheap than it's been in a generation?

And in the interview part of today's show, when a libertarian is saying it may be time for Universal Basic Income (UBI), does that mean it's come mainstream?

Mike Munger, Professor at Duke University and author of the new book Platforms: The Perils and Promise, joins Jason Hartman to discuss the potential of a $15 minimum wage, and what that would do to the economy vs what a UBI could do. The two also discuss asset prices, monopolies, and what HAS to be fixed with our current version of capitalism.

Key Takeaways:

[3:29] Even with the runup in prices, housing is still cheap

[7:29] Housing got 4.8% cheaper year over year since 2020

[11:06] The new branch of Jason's company

Mike Munger Interview:

[14:47] What is the 3rd revolution

[20:17] Why Mike is in favor of Universal Basic Income

[24:48] How do you find the ideal amount of UBI?

[29:19] Asset prices cause inequality

[31:21] Is it time to reexamine what we call antitrust?

[36:10] Capitalism is becoming cronyism in the USA. Is that sustainable?


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 843, originally published in June 2017.

Jason has left the most expensive city in the US, NYC, and is enjoying fly over state pricing once again. The meat of this episode is a recording of a Creating Wealth Live session which focuses on inflation. We all know inflation is right around the corner as it is the only way the government can get out of the current economic climate. Inflation will erode our purchasing power, our stocks, our savings and the rich will get richer. Investing in Income Property is your best weapon against the forthcoming inflationary increase.

Key Takeaways:

[02:54] Using a movie or Broadway play can get the attention of the political left.

[06:29] Investors should align their interests with the government and the powers that be.

[09:18] The Venture Alliance Mastermind in Chicago and the Oklahoma City JHU Live and Property Tour.

Creating Wealth Live Clip:

[10:42] The 6 ways the government is likely to inflate themselves out of a mess.

[12:54] Understanding inflation in all of its forms.

[15:53] The political left uses the guise of compassion and the right uses the guise of fiscal responsibility.

[17:57] The government imports a deflationary force.

[21:53] All the bills Americans need to pay are increasing while the price of ‘wants’ is going down.

[25:39] How does income property counteract inflation?

Mentioned in This Episode:

Hartman Education

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If you only compare home prices in dollars, it sure does look like housing is overpriced. But dollars aren't the only way to look at price. What about other commodities? Jason Hartman breaks down the cost of homes through the last 21 years priced in various commodities.

Then Jason finishes his interview with Jarrett Gross about 3D printed homes. The two look at the issues hampering the adoption of the technology, how far off the solutions to those may be, how the technology will impact the overall real estate landscape and more.

Key Takeaways:

[1:41] Comparing the price of homes if you bought it in gold, oil, orange juice, or rice

[7:31] The monthly cost is what REALLY matters to buyers

Jarrett Gross Interview

[10:31] Many builders tent their build to better the quality

[16:21] 3D printing could be important to building in space

[20:52] How far off are commercially viable homes?

[24:12] There are 2 components to every real estate deal


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Are we in a bubble? Well, that depends on a variety of factors. One important factor is making sure that you're measuring values properly. If you use the wrong measuring stick you'll get the wrong answer, so make sure you're doing it right.

Then, Jason Hartman talks with Jarrett Gross about 3D printed homes. How close to reality are they? Can you really get them for $10,000? Will it completely disrupt the housing market? Listen in as the two explore what's currently being printed, and what's in store.

Key Takeaways:

[2:52] Is there an everything bubble?

[6:41] You have to use a proper measuring stick when figuring out pricing

Jarrett Gross, Part 1

[13:01] The $10,000 printed home is a myth

[19:06] What do 3D printed homes mean to the real estate industry?

[23:05] Google search trends for 3D printing have held a sustained spike recently

[26:14] One Colorado company is making 3D printed mud huts that are surprisingly strong and surprisingly cheap


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 898, originally published in October 2017.

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about a possible downturn in the US economy, yet Jason’s guest, Ali Wolf of Meyers Research is staying bullish. She says the important indicators to watch aren’t showing the normal warning signs of a market drop. Ali also discusses the trends of Millennials with regards to renting vs. buying a home, their purchasing cycles and what they are willing, and not willing, to pay for.

Key Takeaways:

[01:25] Meet the Masters of Income Property event details.

[04:23] Talented and want to get more deeply involved? Jason wants to hire you.

Ali Wolf Guest Interview:

[08:38] Are we at the end of a business cycle?

[12:05] Ali uses the Quits ratio to judge the state of the economy.

[14:14] Three critical indicators to use as early warning signs to a possible market drop.

[17:04] Wiil Millennials be staying put and buying homes or are they the rental generation?

[24:08] Why modern, prefab homes may offer Millennials more amenities than space.

[35:09] Inventory of existing, resale housing is lower in every single market Zondo tracks.  

Mentioned in This Episode:

Real Estate Tools

Listeners with Skills - Apply here

Meyers Research


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Too many people give up way too easily. If you want to thrive in the world and make a difference, you have to push through. You have to persevere in your ventures. That's going to mean tough times, but the end result is worth it. Jason Hartman delves into that in today's intro, as well as explaining why builders are having to trigger the Escalation Clause in their contracts with buyers in today's environment.

Then Jason talks with Stephen Leeb, author of the new book China's Rise and the New Age of Gold, as well as The Coming Economic Collapse, about why commodities are in such demand and what that means for investors moving forward. The two also examine how we're going to get 6.5 BILLION people into the middle class.

Key Takeaways:

[3:19] Too many people give up too easily

[7:19] How the cost of lumber is impacting builders and sales contracts

[14:00] The reserve currency status of the USA

Stephen Leeb Interview:

[19:49] The world is at a turning point

[27:32] Real, physical assets are in short supply and GREAT demand in today's environment

[33:44] Gold has outperformed the S&P by 100% in the last 20 years


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There's all sorts of talk about how to measure the housing market. One way people don't discuss much is looking at is the stock prices of home builders. Jason takes a look at what's going on there and why the way many people view the impact of rising rates isn't the clear vision they seem to think it to be.

After tackling rates and home builders, Jason goes to a recording he did with investment counselor Adam where Adam gave real numbers of how his properties performed in 2020, and how they've performed over their lifetime. These are actual profit and loss numbers that are from properties bought through the network.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] What's happening with home builder stocks

[10:17] There's not a parity of 1 house 1 buyer

[16:57] Adam's portfolio review


2020 Portfolio Review on YouTube

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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 1084, originally published in November 2018.

Jason Hartman starts today's episode by answering more of the mortgage FAQs that were started in episode 1083 that were spawned from the recent Profits in Paradise event. He looks at his idea of Refi Til Ya Die and what it takes to finance your first 10 properties. He also unveils the Ring Doorbell/Amazon Echo contest winner(s)!

Then Jason finishes his interview with client Drew Baker. This time the two tackle cryptocurrency, higher education, the investment landscape as it stands today, and the appreciation vs cash flow dilemma.

Key Takeaways:

[4:22] You need to either create your own mastermind group or join one if you are looking to improve your lot in life

[10:09] Can you do a cash out refinance of your investment properties?

[13:18] If your credit score is over 720 you need to borrow more money (assuming that you're borrowing for investment purposes that is)

[15:42] Can you finance a primary residence regardless of how many investment properties you own?

[17:55] The Ring Doorbell/Amazon Echo contest winners

Drew Baker, Part 2

[21:37] A 1 world cryptocurrency would be terrifying and allow governments to inflate as much as they wanted

[26:25] The college tuition bubble

[29:24] What should investors be looking at today?

[35:02] People tend to look at appreciation over cash flow because it's "sexier"


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Jason Hartman starts off the show with a discussion about, potentially, the only business in the country with a negative cost of capital, and why we're starting to see the fear of inflation creeping into the mainstream.

Then another client, this time Andrew Freitas, joins Jason to discuss their investing journey with the network. Andrew started buying properties a few years ago and hasn't tapped the brakes, with 7 properties in his portfolio now. Listen in as he explains how he's gone about doing it, how he handles his properties with his full time job, and why he's slowly gravitated toward more expensive properties.

Key Takeaways:

[5:27] Insurance is possibly the only business in the world with a negative cost of capital

[10:22] The Algorithm Echo Chamber

Andrew Freitas Client Case Study:

[20:35] How Andrew's investing journey started

[23:54] Covid-19 has impacted places like the psychiatric facility Andrew works

[30:59] Dealing with property managers

[35:36] Buying C, B, and A class properties



Direct download: CW_1661_Andrew_Freitas.mp3
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Why isn't the RV ratio as crucial today as it was 14 years ago when Jason started? Following the sound advice of long ago can actually make you lose out on fantastic opportunities now. In today's market, where homes are selling for over asking price, Jason explains how we need to re-evaluate our thinking.


January 6, 2021.

According to Michael Recenwald, author of Beyond Woke, as well as Thought Criminal, that day is a day that will continue the slide toward censorship that we're experiencing today in America. Are we in the midst of a revolution? Is there a concern for freedom of thought, and how would this play out?

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Redfin announced that properties are selling for over list price

[8:00] why the RV ratio isn't as valid today as they were when Jason started

[13:30] Where the stimulus is actually going

Michael Rectenwald Interview:

[18:45] Rectenwald feels that censorship will be further exacerbated by the events of January 6, and why are big-tech so leftist? 

[20:45] Are we undergoing a revolution?

[24:20] Will UBI save you or put you in a bind? 

[32:15] Is there a concern for freedom of thought?

[36:00] What is the reason for the wokeness movement?

[44:00] Corporate socialism. 

[46:00] Does cryptocurrency make you feel free from the government?

[47:00] Decentralization is the answer, but how do we go about it?



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This Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 1083, originally published in November 2018.

Today's episode starts off with Jason Hartman, in the car, back from Hawaii. He tackles the average length an American stays on the job these days, how technology is changing our buying habits, and starts answering some mortgage FAQs he's been getting lately.

Then Jason talks with client Drew about a mistake he made in self-management that shifted his views on contracts, as well as exploring dividend stocks and the economic disaster that is Argentina currently.

Key Takeaways:

[6:46] Digital camera shipments are down 80% thanks to smartphones

[8:20] Mortgage FAQ #1- Can you finance more than 10 properties?

[9:43] You only need a 620 to finance your first 6 properties, then a 720 for properties 7-10

Drew Baker Interview:

[13:18] A mistake Drew made that made him realize it's important not to deviate from the contract

[17:32] Love or hate Trump, he's been good for the economy

[21:50] Dividends may sound great, but they're not the most stable

[27:05] The currency of today is just getting in front of people

[31:30] Argentina has an economic disaster every 10 years


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What happens in California may not seem important if you don't live there, but it's a trend setting state. And there's a lot of tax things going on in California that should catch investors attention.

Jason welcomes his mom back to the show, as the two discuss what's happening in California, as well as why she's finally selling her California properties, how she finds contractors from a distance, and more self-management tips.


Direct download: CW_1658_Mom.mp3
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Adam just went through the Snowmageddon in Texas, losing water for a week while many others in the state went days without power. That experience led him to start thinking about Commandment #6: Thou Shalt Diversify, as well as the importance of cash flow.

The two delve into how to diversify, how bad the housing shortage really is, why prices are spiking, where interest rates are headed, and what's out there today that actually makes sense the day you buy it.


Direct download: CW_1657_CashFlow.mp3
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FlashBack Friday

What is the best coverage for your multi-state real estate portfolio?

Managing insurance policies for your entire real estate portfolio can be an administrative nightmare if the coverage is provided by multiple companies. Finding a reliable and informative insurance broker who is able to offer nationwide coverage from A level underwriters would eliminate the hassle. Today, Jason gets answers for all of your insurance questions from the brokerage firm of Ross Diversified.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:21] It’s an amazing time to be alive!

[2:33] China has finally ended their one child policy

[4:40] The nature of the real estate industry is fragmented

[9:34] Bad faith insurance or companies denying claims is common

[10:30] A personal experience with National Real Estate Insurance Group

[11:50] Monday’s episode features the founder of WeGoLook

[14:04] Can we get listeners in more countries than the U.S. has military bases in?

[16:40] Meet the Masters with Garrett Sutton in January

Ed Babtkis Guest Interview:

[18:50] We have had nationwide insurance available for 30 years

[19:50] Nuances to the nationwide real estate market make it a difficult product to offer

[21:05] The underwriting companies which serve our brokerage firm

[22:16] Nationwide programs are generally done on a blanket basis

[25:21] Deductible options and norms

[27:24] Getting the quote to the investor

[29:54] Our company is approved by major financiers

[31:20] Calculating insurance rates based on zip codes

[33:30] Cash value is the number one issue insurance companies have

[34:55] Replacement value is better coverage

[36:33] How are land contracts insured?

[39:12] Hard money lenders can place property coverage, but it costs a bit more

[40:00] Loss of Rent insurance


Affinity Group Management

Code Red Book

We Go Look

Ross Diversified

Acceptance Indemnity

Cincinnati Insurance


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Are we in a Stock Market Bubble? Jason Hartman performs a walk-thru of the Wilshire 5,000 Index, discussing bubbles past and present. What kind of clues can we pick up? Self-management might not be for everyone, but it is for the empowered investor. Listen in for some self-management tips from clients across the Hartman Network. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Are we in a stock market bubble? Wilshire 5,000 Index

[5:30] From The [first] Tech Bubble to the Housing Bubble. 

[7:55] We have two completely separate economies; the Wall St. economy and the Main St. economy. 

[12:00] Self-management and being an empowered investor, and using Thumbtack. 

[16:45] Refi ‘Til Ya Die

[20:40] Stagflate, tax, and lie.

[26:00] If you are interested in self-managing, we highly advise you to join the Empowered Investor Network.

[29:00] Thou shalt maintain control. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Is a home worth its weight in gold or bitcoin? Jason Hartman shares some constitutionally great news for landlords. As well, let's start testing currency transfer efficiencies - starting with the Fed and Bitcoin. 

Jason Hartman talks with Stanford University, Professor of Economics, Dr. Nicholas Bloom. Bloom and Hartman discuss the significant economic changes in the US economy as well as social changes. How has the work from home trend grown through pandemic times, and are employees more productive in this environment? Will this work from home trend continue to give people reason to leave exhaustingly expensive homes in the city?

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Landlords, are you ready for eviction moratorium good news?

[3:40] Talking about measuring sticks, is housing worth its weight in gold or bitcoin?

[8:15] Let's talk about money transfer inefficiencies. Bitcoin, or The Feds System banking transfer system, who loses?

Nicholas Bloom

[12:25] Working from home has absolutely exploded, from 5% to 60% at the peak of the pandemic. 

[13:10] Geography is less meaningful than ever in US history. 

[16:10] San Francisco has a sort of rental apocalypse due to the pandemic. 

[18:50] Working from home has already been on an upward trend. 

[26:00] The best way to fix the economy is to eliminate the virus. 

[28:30] Big tech never set out to censor what’s online.

[33:00] Are people more or less productive working from home?

[35:15] Are we to expect inflation due to all of the money printing?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1654_Nicholas_Bloom.mp3
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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published: July 15, 2015

The world of long term financial savings plans can leave you dizzy. The paperwork can be pages and pages of jargon which make plans hard to distinguish and administer. Jason’s guest Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services breaks down the Self Directed IRA, the solo 401k and Health Savings Account or HSA. Arming you with the setup cost and annual fee’s to help you make an educated decisions about your investment future. You’ll hear solutions to creating wealth and obtaining more passive income through smart investing with a little help from people in the know.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[2:02] Self directed IRA investing

[4:19] Nathan asks about out of state rental properties

[5:19] Have at least 4% of the properties value in the bank as an emergency fund

[7:22] Steve asks about Jason’s foundation

[9:12] Steve also asks about credit history and bankruptcy

[12:06] Asset based financing; a hard money loan

Edwin Kelly Interview:

[14:29] Would Donald Trump be a good president?

[16:04] Invitation for Warren to be on the show

[16:58] IRA Custodians, Administrators what’s the difference?

[18:01] What are the fee’s of self-directed IRA’s

[19:22] There is no fee sharing or back end money

[20:40] A customized approach to IRA’s

[24:08] People need passive income

[25:47] An everyday example of buy and hold real estate investing

[30:11] Solo 401k or Individual 401k

[34:46] Solo k paperwork was cumbersome and complex

[35:55] $400 annually for a self directed IRA and $700 for a 401K

[38:32] HSA – Health Saving Account

[39:53] An HSA works by marrying the tax benefits of the traditional and Roth IRA’s

[41:22] Are you able to pay for proactive executive health physicals via a HSA?

[42:51] Breast Augmentation for medical reasons is a qualified medical expense

[45:17] An HSA is not a Flexible Saving Account

[45:55] Investing in buy and hold real estate from the HSA

[47:35] HSA and IRA are fairly easy to administer

[48:20] An LLC inside of an IRA?

[51:08] Multiple LLC’s for asset protection


Specialized IRA Services

US Household incomes increased more in 2018 than in the past twenty years combined! But why? Jason Hartman shares the numbers reflecting the lack of median income change for twenty years, and then a sudden change in 2018. Housing continues a pleasant upward trend. Oregon takes a new stance on teaching mathematics. 

Dr. David Collum says, "we are following the script perfectly to an authoritarian state." Are we the people being run by corporatocracy and major media?

Key Takeaways:

[1:16] Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. 

[2:00] AOC, "Dow soars, but wages don't."

[7:40] Real Median Household Income By The Year, adjusted for inflation.

[10:15] Ratios are the most important thing in Real Estate Math!

[15:00] A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction

David Collum

[20:00] Facebook is just scraping data to sell to advertisers.

[21:00] Inflation is here, but how much worse is it going to be? 

[32:00] The world is being run by the corporatocracy and media - can that pendulum ever swing back? 

[35:15] "We are following the script perfectly to an authoritarian state." - Collum




Direct download: CW_1652_David._Collum_Part_2.mp3
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What is the REAL price of a home right now? Jason Hartman reminds listeners of what goes into calculating or predicting housing prices, including some old basics like the cost of lumber, as well as scarcity. 

Jason and Dave talk about the unseen inflation in goods and services, how inflation has affected the family income, and how we can spend. With a more in-depth look at inflation, David uncovers a bit more of the unseen inflation like the depreciation of product quality. The question continues to be, how far away from ideal are we moving, and will this progression cause the US to implode? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Let’s talk about housing prices, who’s annoyed? 

[5:40] If it does NOT produce income, it isn’t an investment - it is only a speculation. 

[9:25] US Housing prices fell more than expected in January amid soaring lumber prices.

[13:13] Softwood jumped a record….?

Dr. David Collum

[20:20] Jason and David speak on the disfunction of the mess we the people are in with money creation and negative interest rates. 

[23:45] We are in the most overvalued bond market in history.

[30:00] How has inflation changed, and how has the expectation of goods and services changed along with inflation?

[32:10] Products are built not to last, adding to another unseen inflation, Dave refers to as depreciation.




Direct download: CW_1651__Year_In_Review_by_Cornell_Universitys_Dr._David_Collum.mp3
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This episode of FlashBack Friday was originally published: August 3, 2013

Robert Greene, best-selling author of such books as The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), and Mastery, joins Jason to talk about his wheelhouse topics – power and strategy.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Jason’s monologue includes a reflection on his recent European trip. Has his opinion on investing there changed?
[7:23] Interview with Robert Greene begins
[7:48] Defining mastery and how to attain it
[9:36] Description of Robert’s latest book, Mastery
[10:12] How to discover your life’s calling
[12:16] Why so many people hit a career wall in their second decade of work
[15:02] Check yourself. Are you an entrepreneur
[17:16] Charles Darwin. From nobody to one of the greatest scientists ever
[19:00] Robert’s background
[20:09] All about manipulation and how to use it for good
[23:05] The 50th Law – 50 Cent; A real American rags to riches story
[25:20] The hidden power in fearlessness
[27:52] 9 types of seducers – which are you?
[30:21] Greatest seducers to ever live
[31:15] Napoleon’s flanking maneuver and its effect on business today
[32:04] The Art of War – does Sun Tzu still matter in today’s world?

Robert Greene on Wikipedia

Jason Hartman tees up an interview with Dan Amerman about the home being an investment. But before that, are the wind turbines helping or just blowing smoke? Currently, they’re frozen. What has “the tolerant” tastelessly said about Rush Limbaugh’s passing? 

Wealth is created with compound interest, making your dollar work for you. Dan Amerman talks with Jason Hartman about understanding, The Homeowner Wealth Formula. Dan says, “one way at looking at the mortgage is that it’s a short against the dollar.” The primary question; is your home an investment? 

Books: The Homeowner Wealth Formula

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Deep in the heart of Texas, snow and power issues. 

[4:15] Are wind turbines just blowing smoke?

[5:40] We need to be prepared; Check out Holistic Survival

[7:45] What have “the tolerant,” said about Rush Limbaugh?

Daniel Amerman

[11:30] Is your home an investment or an expense? 

[13:30] How can we better understand these home price indices? 

[17:10] The results of the exhaustive research are incredibly positive. Find out more. 

[19:20] “One way at looking at the mortgage is that it’s a short against the dollar.” -Amerman

[24:00] The number one historically proven method for creating wealth over the centuries is compound interest. How does this relate to inflation? 

[31:00] A lot of government programs are “shell games.”

[34:00] We do expect a wealth transfer from boomers to up and coming generations. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1649_Dan_Amerman.mp3
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Housing seems more expensive right now, but is it? Jason Hartman shares the analysis of home prices when discussing payment, inflation, and historically low-interest rates.

Obviously, 2020 was a rough ride for most businesses, particularly those included in the travel industry. Eric Moeller, CEO & Co-Founder of STR Legends, gives us a peek into his business through 2020 in the Short Term Rental market. STRs aren't just about the real estate business but also hospitality. Airbnb made some massive decisions to cater to the guests' needs and not so much their partners in business, the hosts. These hospitality decisions shifted how STRs had to operate to maintain high occupancy.

Book Recommendations: Skin In The Game Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Valentine's Day Inflation

[3:30] Are we in a bubble, potential housing crisis, or is housing actually cheaper?

[6:15] Beware of the "bankster," Skin In The Game.

[7:45] We are going through potentially the largest wealth transfer in history. 

[9:45] The average family is struggling to contend with home prices that are rising faster than income. Let's clarify what Lawrence Yun might have meant. 

Eric Moller

[16:20] In one year, the industry collapsed, there was speculation of AirBnB collapsing, and now a year later, the business model has changed, specifically the length of stay. 

[17:30] The urban markets have collapsed since COVID-19.

[19:00] Have the operators given cuts for longer stays?

[20:21] "30 Day Stays"

[23:55] "Home Instead of Home"

[26:30] Markets outside of major cities are doing 98% occupancy.

[27:15] Tiny home experiential markets, for the 30 Day Stay

[30:10] AirBnB decisions were being made to prop up their IPO rather than worry about their hosts.

[37:00] Even Google is trying to get into the short term rental market. 

[39:20] Airbnb is a great place for building your business compared to other OTAs (online travel agency)



Direct download: CW_1648_Eric_Moller_STR_Legends.mp3
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This Episode of FlashBack Friday was originally published: June 21, 2012

Jason Hartman talks with one of the Seattle based lenders in his network about nationwide mortgage financing. You'll gain insights from Steve's 25 years in the mortgage business and you will learns some important distinctions between mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and commercial banks.

As a mortgage banker with several warehouse lines exceeding eight figures, Steve and Jason bring power to overcome financing challenges.  A good mortgage banker can offer the greatest number of options with the power of direct funding control. Here are some additional issues addressed in this episode:

Mortgage overlays
Rent schedules
Counting rental income at 75%
Property management agreements
Mortgage sequencing
DTI or Debt-to-Income Ratios and examples
FICO scores and credit repair issues
Short sales
Medical bills
Impact of positive cash flow and negative cash flow
Fannie Mae four and 10 financed property thresholds and limits
Cash reserves - banks vs brokerage accounts
Self-employed borrowers and their write-offs
Tax benefits like depreciation
Interest rate forecast
Inflation forecast
Investment forecast
Asset protection
Community property states


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

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Direct download: CW_1647_FBF.mp3
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Jason Hartman thanks all of the listeners for their comments and compliments. In this "compared to what?" themed episode, Jason responds to several clients' comments from socialism to interest rates. If you like what you're hearing, join the Empowered Investor Inner Circle for many benefits, including a more intimate and candid version of some more complex issues in the real estate industry. 

The number of centenarians has grown dramatically over the last two decades, which is good news for you as a human and an investor. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Don't talk about the thing you're not supposed to talk about. 

[4:00] Youtube took down one of my videos!

[6:10] How many big companies are burning books?  

[8:00] The number of centenarians has grown dramatically over the last two decades. 

[12:00] What's to come of China?

[19:45] How do we get US dollars in a time of crisis?

[23:00] We are here to help you build a real estate team.

[35:00] Interest rates, and buy downs. 

[40:00] Join our empowered investor inner circle. 


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Direct download: CW_1646_Jason_Speaks_with_Voxer_Messages.mp3
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Jason Hartman talks about the opportunities presented by the lurking crises. While some may have concerns about pending laws, people will vote with their feet - and end up in markets that investors might prefer. What can we make of Elon's latest Bitcoin move? Some are still throwing the dice at Bitcoin and similar crypto-currencies, but real estate proves to be a smarter investment. 

Chad Hewitt appropriately and humorously likens his scaffolding business to a short-term rental property. This Rich Dad, Poor Dad inspired investor shares his real estate story with the Hartman Network.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind. 

[3:00 What did Elon do?

[9:30] "At the end of the day, the most important vote is where people choose to live and how they choose to spend their money." -Jason

[11:45] Let's talk about the central banks and the government printing press.

[12:45] Elon Musk's $1.5 billion move to the decentralized, uncontrolled trust-less asset.

[20:45] Be sure to check out Property Tracker and The Empowered Investor Inner Circle. 

Chad Hewitt

[22:15] Owns a scaffolding business is quite similar to owning a short term rental company. 

[23:10] Triple net leases simply mean that all expenses pass through to the tenant. 

[24:30] Originally inspired by Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  

[28:00] Triple net vs. individual residential real estate. 

[32:20] Anyone with a decent paying job can get past the 16k barrier to entry. 

[36:00] Income property is the most tax-favored asset in America because you can depreciate it. 

[41:30] With a 1031-exchange, you don't need to do the recapture when you sell a home. 

[41:00] Because of the Green New Deal, the cost to develop your average apartment complex is going to go up. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1645_Chad_Hewitt.mp3
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This episode of FlashBack Friday was originally published in December, 2012

When the United States stopped backing dollars with gold in 1968, the nature of money changed, becoming the fiat currency system that has now put the world into an unprecedented recession.

Jason Hartman is joined by returning guest, Richard Duncan, to talk about how we are in danger of a global Great Depression and how we can stop it. Richard’s previous book talked about the inevitable collapse of the dollar, and his new book discusses “a new theoretical construct, The Quantity Theory of Credit, that is the key to understanding not only the developments that led to the crisis, but also to understanding how events will play out in the years ahead.”

Richard explains how the expansion of credit eventually implodes and the dangers of the contraction of credit. Richard Duncan is the author of three books on the global economic crisis. The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures (John Wiley & Sons, 2003, updated 2005), predicted the current global economic disaster with extraordinary accuracy. It was an international bestseller.

His second book was The Corruption of Capitalism: A strategy to rebalance the global economy and restore sustainable growth. It was published by CLSA Books in December 2009. His latest book is The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy (John Wiley & Sons, 2012). Since beginning his career as an equities analyst in Hong Kong in 1986, Richard has served as global head of investment strategy at ABN AMRO Asset Management in London, worked as a financial sector specialist for the World Bank in Washington D.C., and headed equity research departments for James Capel Securities and Salomon Brothers in Bangkok. He also worked as a consultant for the IMF in Thailand during the Asia Crisis. He is now chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Management in Singapore.

Richard has appeared frequently on CNBC, CNN, BBC and Bloomberg Television, as well as on BBC World Service Radio. He has published articles in The Financial Times, The Far East Economic Review, FinanceAsia and CFO Asia. He is also a well-known speaker whose audiences have included The World Economic Forum’s East Asia Economic Summit in Singapore, The EuroFinance Conference in Copenhagen, The Chief Financial Officers’ Roundtable in Shanghai, and The World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. Richard studied literature and economics at Vanderbilt University (1983) and international finance at Babson College (1986); and, between the two, spent a year traveling around the world as a backpacker.

From the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami, Florida, Jason Hartman continues the conversation on art, money, value, fiat currency, and economics. “I will not make any more boring art,” he reads. How does art, or the value of art tie in with real estate? What separates candy in the corner from the Sistine Chapel? 

Saifadean Ammous returns in this part two discussion about the government’s role or ability to have a role in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. As well, what is time preference, and how does it differ from inflation?

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] “I will not make any more boring art.”

[3:45] Why should we align ourselves with governments and central banks?

[4:30] In the free market, the public is in charge of deciding the winners and losers. 

[6:00] Excerpt from The Bitcoin Standard

[15:00] Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Saifadean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard

[17:00] Have you been bitten by the Bitcoin bug? 

[17:25] Could the government make Bitcoin illegal?

[29:45] Is there a distinction between time preference and the time value of money, aka inflation? 

[31:45] Saifedean’s wife sells the chair he’s sitting on out from underneath him. 

[32:10] Art on the gold standard, will it stand the test of time?

[41:20] “A lot of people prefer to laugh than to think.” -Saifedean on Hedonism



Direct download: CW_1643_Pt2_Saifedean_Ammous_and_Art_Chairs.mp3
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Jason Hartman talks with Mitch Russo about GameStop & Robinhood. What happened, is it legal, and what will happen next? Guest, Ashley, talks with Jason about art, bananas, Banksy and how this can help one understand the connection between sound money and art. 

Saifadean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, joins Jason to explain the three basic functions of money and why this matters with Bitcoin. Will Bitcoin push out the role of central banks? If so, why would the government let Bitcoin exist?

Key Takeaways:

Mitch Russo

[1:30] Joined by guest Mitch Russo, author of The Invisible Organization

[2:45] Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty's Reddit move with GameStop explained by Mitch Russo

[8:00] The corruption of Robinhood and Google, in bed together to delete negative reviews. 

[9:15] "Why are they picking on us rich people?"

[13:35] Did Reddit close the sub-Reddit?

[14:45] Jason is joined by Ashley, "let's talk about art and bananas."

[15:35] The amazing connection between sound money and art, Bansky and Love Is In The Bin

[17:20] How much better would the world be today if we were in a place of sound money?

[19:00] Art is bananas! 

[26:00] Bitcoin could be worth zero dollars tomorrow, nobody knows.

Saifadean Ammous

[32:00] Money has three basic functions of money:

[34:45] How does Bitcoin act as a base layer of money, similar to the central banks' settlement layer?

[39:00] Why would the government let Bitcoin exist?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1642_Pt1_The_Bitcoin_Standard_by_Saifedean_Ammous.mp3
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This Episode of Flash-Back Friday was Originally Released: 10/12/10

Jason recaps The Masters Weekend, A Gathering of Experts™. Then, he answers listener questions about two recent podcast episodes, the Money Merge Account program, and the interview with Peter Schiff, and about how to break into real estate investing. Finally, we have our interview with an expert on monetary policy and the Federal Reserve and author of Web of Debt, Ellen Brown. She and Jason discuss the "300 Year Ponzi Scheme", the Federal Reserve, the bailout, central banks, fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, the gold standard, the true rate of inflation, and much, much more.

Direct download: CW_1641_FBF_Ellen_Brown.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00pm EDT

Jason Hartman reminds investors of the opportunity of a lifetime, (a 5,000 year lifetime) with interest rates at historic lows. Is there a second phase to the great American pandemic migration?

How do we wage a peaceful revolution? Larry and Jason take a thorough walk through the swamp of politicians and questionable practices in DC and throughout the US. 


Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Questions from the Happy Hour segment on Jason Hartman’s Youtube. 

[4:30] What are big tech companies afraid of?

[8:30] Lowest interest rate in 5,000 years.

[13:20] “We are geo-independent!”

Larry Klayman

[16:30] The founding of Judicial Watch. 

[19:00] What kind of revolution are you talking about?

[23:55] What in the constitution gives judges life tenure? 

[27:45] Larry discusses some of the tyranny in legislative branches.

[35:00] Do you recognize this government as your own?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1640_Larry_Klayman.mp3
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Jason Hartman breaks down the misunderstandings of inflation by analyzing Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards' debate. Before we can agree on whether we are in an inflationary or deflationary environment, we have to conclude the definition of inflation. 

Adam joins the Creating Wealth Podcast for a January 2021 mortgage update. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Jim Rickards on "monetary stimulus."

[3:30] Inflation and the velocity of money. 

[6:30] How big can the bubble get before it pops?

[9:45] If you promote something, the price will rise.

[16:25] "I don't care what the Fed looks at, I care about reality." - Schiff

[17:45] Will we see dramatic increases in consumer products?

[23:30] Are we, the people, being gaslighted by big tech and the mainstream media?

[24:00] Mortgage update with Adam


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_1639_With_Adam.mp3
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Original Release Date: 4/22/15

Dan Mitchell talks about what’s happening in the government’s fiscal policy and how it’s influencing the economy.

Jason invites Fernando on to the show and answers a couple of his questions on lease renewal. Dan Mitchell is also today’s Creating Wealth guest. Dan is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and talks about high corporate taxes, the fiscal policy, and recommendations on how a country’s economy can grow instead of collapse.

Key Takeaways:

1:40 – Fernando shares his opinion on the mastermind group he and Jason are currently attending.

5:50 – Fernando has two questions about upcoming property renewals and wants to pick Jason’s brain on what he should do.

15:20 – Jason introduces Dan Mitchell.

20:05 – Taxing US citizens world wide is a nightmare.

26:05 – The US understands that it can’t go down the same route as failing economies like Greece.

33:58 – We can no longer view the government as a sugar daddy.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Direct download: CW_1638_FBF.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00pm EDT

Jason Hartman shares his opinion on what to expect from the Biden administration and their tax plan. Does this benefit the investor? Is Joe Biden the Manchurian candidate? 

Jim Rickards returns in part two to discuss the cause of inflation and his opinion on whether we will see the US in an inflationary state or not. As well, Jim shares his views on gold, silver, and bitcoin. 

Jim Rickard's Book: The New Great Depression

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Experience your experience: the first step on mastery. 

[4:40] Is Biden the Manchurian candidate?  

[6:15] Let's talk about Biden Tax Plans.

[10:30] The greatest management principle: what gets rewarded, gets repeated.  

[17:00] Commenting on Tucker Carlson, pre-inauguration. 

[27:15] Homework: Search "Citizens United."

Jim Rickards continued from Episode 1636

[30:35] What causes inflation? 

[33:45] Your Keynesian multiplier works up to a debt to GDP ratio of about 90%.

[39:20] Why buy gold and silver if you're not afraid of inflation?

[41:25] Bitcoin, will it ever have a chance of being a global currency or taking over the dollar?

[49:00] Millions of people are migrating out of major cities; where are they going?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

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Direct download: CW_Jim_Rickards_Part_2.mp3
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Censorship and political speech, Jason Hartman asks you where the line is drawn. Remember, to maintain control, Jason Hartman's Commandment Number Three. 

Jason Hartman talks with Jim Richards, author of The New Great Depression. Jim shares his discoveries about the lockdown, the stock market's influence, and asset bubbles vs. asset inflation. 

Jim Rickard's Book: The New Great Depression

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] Political speech, what are we allowed to say?

[8:30] Thou shalt maintain control. 

[11:45] A story about misappropriation and misleading.

Jim Rickards

[23:20] You cannot understand The New Great Depression without looking into the pandemic. 

[24:00] "What I discovered was that the scientists don't agree with each other."

[30:25] Have the lockdowns killed more people than they have saved?

[36:00] The stock market no longer bears any relation to the real economy. 

[40:00] Did the lockdown cause a pent up demand?

[44:00] Asset bubbles or asset inflation?


Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1636_Jim_Rickards.mp3
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What Time is it? It’s an Amazing Time to Be Alive

Say this 10 times real fast, Inflation Induced Debt Destruction, now make it your mantra. Would you like someone else to pay your bills for you? Well when you buy income property it is exactly what happens. Your tenants pay down your debt while your property appreciates. Today, Jason outlines a chart from way back in the Creating Wealth archives. He will make the chart available to all of you listeners soon. The chart introduces the intricacies of inflation. He then takes us through most of the asset classes and how they perform against inflation.

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] 3 Types of markets are linear, cyclical and hybrid

[6:02] Published reports and statistics can’t be trusted

[9:53] Will your kids ever learn to drive a car?

[11:53] A 16 year cyclical market (Orange County, CA) compared to a linear market (Lansing, MI)

[12:50] Commandment #5 – Thou shalt not gamble. The property should make financial sense

[16:58] What time is it? It’s an amazing time to be alive!

[19:50] The Meet the Masters Event is coming up. Garrett Sutton will be there.

[20:33] Asset class top performers

[23:12] Inflation induced debt destruction

[23:59] Waiting, substitution and hedonics make people believe inflation is lower than it is

[24:52] Outsourcing your mortgage debt to tenants, they are paying your debt

[27:33] The problem with the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare

[30:34] Rental income is governed by housing affordability

[32:00] Stock markets can be manipulated and are medium-low indexed to inflation,

[33:33] Cash & taxes are low strength versus inflation – taxes aren’t calculated for inflation

[38:20] Low information people are clueless about the government

[39:35] Income property investors can turn the tables on the government

[40:39] Join the Venture Alliance Mastermind in Dubai


The Wayback Machine

How to Lie with Statistics

Garrett Sutton

Venture Alliance Mastermind

Jason Hartman announces Youtube Contest Winners with a couple of clips from our talented submissions. As well, Jason talks about a history of bubbles: from Tulip-Mania to Dot-Com, and even Bitcoin. Are we in a real estate bubble right now?

Jason Hartman talks with New Zealander and the founder of Landlord Studio, Logan Ransley, who shares his findings from his companies residential real estate index report. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Clips from our Contest Winners! 

[6:00] Let's talk about bubbles for a moment.

[9:00] Homes are less expensive today compared to 14 years ago. Find out more. 

[10:20] Self-liquidating debt? 

[13:10] Looking back at bubbles, starting with .com

[16:15] Is bitcoin in a bubble?

[18:20] What's Tulip-Mania? The Tulip Bubble? 

[22:10] Twitter deleted 4.5 million accounts of conservative Twitter users. 

Logan Ransley

[27:30] Real Estate felt grim mid lockdown. 

[30:00] Rental reports don't show the same grim eviction rates that 'click-bate' portrayed through the 2020 pandemic. 

[31:00] Rental graphs being depicted based on numbers of 10,000 active leases. 

[34:20] What percentage of rent REALLY being collected, and how late?

[37:20] "Although the rent was taking longer to be connected, it was still being collected at the same rate."


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Things that Americans believed could never happen are happening right now. Jason Hartman talks about the ever-growing censorship or the ever-diminishing freedom of speech. From being blocked on Facebook to being censored on YouTube, Jason shares his experiences with censorship, and for what?

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] A huge amount of money created in the US was made in the last 12 months!

[6:00] People are scared and refraining from their social lives. 

[7:45] “Give us our property and liberty, and we [the government] will take care of you.” Is this The Great Reset?

[8:45] What’s The Insurrection Act?

[11:30] Book Recommendations: 1984 by George Orwell, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

[14:15] Is big tech behind memory-holing? 

[21:00] Competition is good for companies. 

[28:00] Big tech and censorship, how far has it gone?

[40:40] Can private businesses do whatever they want? To what extent?


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Originally Released: Dec 27, 20122

Jason talks with one of his twenty-something clients who’s getting off to a good start as a real estate investor.  Starting at the ripe old age of 26, Drew acquired three good rental properties that produce income of around $3,000 per month.  In this multi-faceted case study interview Jason and Drew talk about the presidential debates, with a special focus on Ron Paul, buying a home vs. renting a home while purchasing income property.

The rent versus buy analysis takes on new meaning in today’s economy as we consider the “opportunity cost” of a huge downpayment and large monthly payment in overpriced areas of California or any market with undesirable LTI Ratios or “Land-to-Improvement Ratio” (an acronym and concept created by Jason as part of The Hartman Risk Evaluator).  As Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says; “Your house is not an asset, it’s a liability. Assets produce income, your house costs money.”  You’ll also hear some thoughts on home-based businesses.

Take advantage of our member section and hear premium interviews with (from Wikipedia):

Jim Rogers who ran the Quantum Fund with George Soros and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI).  Jim has some great books too:

1995: Investment Biker: Around the World
2003: Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip
2004: Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market
2007: A Bull in China: Investing Profitably in the World’s Greatest Market
2009: A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons For Life And Investing

Brian Tracy is a member of the board of trustees for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington, D.C.-based public policy research institute.[3]
His body of work is loosely based on a number of other success “gurus” such as Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn and Denis Waitley. He has recently launched Brian Tracy University, an online course of study which is designed to assist entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals.

The Brian Tracy College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Andrew Jackson University (a distance learning school based in Hoover, Alabama), is named after him and based on his teachings. At the New York headquarters of ALM Media, a legal publisher, a motivational quote of Tracy’s appears on the office wall: “excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.” His books include:

Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed
Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere
The Psychology of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales
Jones and the Salesman
The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success
The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires: How to Achieve Financial Independence Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
Eat that Frog: 21 Ways to stop Procrastination and get More Done in Less Time
Get Paid More and Promoted Faster
Focal Point (2001) American Management Association
Victory!: Applying the Proven Principles of Military Strategy to Achieve Success in Your Business and Personal Life
Be a Sales Superstar: 21 Great Ways to Sell More, Faster, Easier in Tough Markets
Create Your Own Future: How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success
Goals!: How To Get Everything You Want—Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
Turbostrategy: 21 Powerful Ways to Transform your Business and Boost Your Profits Quickly
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
Getting Rich Your Own Way: Achieve All Your Financial Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
Time Power: A Proven System for Getting More Done in Less Time Than You Ever Thought Possible (2004) American Management Association
Something for Nothing : The All-Consuming Desire that Turns the American Dream into a Social Nightmare (2005)
The Power of Charm: How to Win Anyone over in Any Situation (2006) American Management Association
Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most (2006) American Management Association
Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success
The Miracle of Self-discipline: The “No-Excuses” Way to Getting Things Done

Garrett Sutton has over twenty-five years experience assisting and advising entrepreneurs, families and businesses in selecting the appropriate corporate structures to limit their liability, protect their assets and advance their personal and financial goals through real estate investments and other means of wealth creation.

An author, speaker and a member of an elite group of “Rich Dad’s Advisors” hand selected by author Robert Kiyosaki, Garrett speaks to investors and entrepreneurs on a variety of topics including asset protection, liability limitation, wealth creation, as well as various business and real estate issues.

Garrett has authored Own Your Own Corporation, The ABC’s of Writing Winning Business Plans, The ABC’s of Getting Out of Debt, How to Buy and/or Sell a Business, and recently developed a new product Start a Business Toolbox. He co-authored Real Estate Loopholes. These titles are included in the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” wealth-building book series. Additionally, under the SuccessDNA Publishing label, Garrett has authored and co-authored numerous books including How to Use Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships. Garrett’s books provide an accessible source of information for building your own success.

A member of the State Bars of Nevada and California, as well as the American Bar Association, Garrett attended Colorado College and the University of California at Berkeley where he received a B.S. in Business Administration in 1975. In 1978, he graduated with a J.D. from University of California’s Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

Garrett also serves on the boards of the American Baseball Foundation, located in Birmingham, Alabama, The Sierra Kids Foundation and the Nevada Museum of Art, both located in Reno, Nevada.

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Bob Pinnegar, CAE, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Apartment Association (NAA), the leading voice and premier resource for the rental housing industry. Jason Hartman interviews Bob Pinnegar to discuss real eviction numbers and the possible expansion of Section-8. How have construction costs made it impossible to build new starter homes? How will the US residential and commercial picture change? Will it merge? Or will it move away from all norms? 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Could ANTIFA be behind that attack on Capitol Hill?

[3:00[ Maybe UBI isn’t all bad?

[3:45] Celebrating 1 Million Views on Youtube. Thanks to all of our Subscribers!

[7:30] 2020, A Year In Review

Bob Pinnegar

[21:25] Have there been evictions, have there been non-payment issues? 

[26:00] Will we see an expansion of Section-8, or a newer rental assistance program, or possibly UBI?

[30:00] 70 Billion in unpaid rent is expected, but what is the standard for unpaid rent?

[32:30] The construction costs make housing affordability impossible to build. 

[35:30] Our refusal to deal with housing problems has caused a change in urban communities. 

[38:00] Will major urban areas continue to have mass appeal? 

[39:00] Shopping malls have been redesigned into a lifestyle center?

[40:20] Rental housing will still be largely in demand. 


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New Year, New Goals, Same proven asset class! Jason Hartman invites you to celebrate with him another fantastic year of prosperity for all real estate investors practicing some of Hartman’s proven investment techniques. Following the celebration, we must look for the “what next” plan or goal. How do you build your goals? Do you write them down? Do you create realistically achievable goals? 


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Let’s celebrate our prosperous year of 2020 and look forward to another great one to follow. 

[5:00] The Hartman Stimulus Payment CONTEST

[8:45] Be a self-sufficient person.

[10:00] 80% of Americans do not have goals, and even fewer have written them down. 

[10:40 New Years’ Resolutions are so cliche. 

[12:15] A goal should be just out of reach but not out of sight. 

[15:20] The Winner of the 5-Year Plan Video Contest

[15:40] Winner, Michelle, laid out how she and her family intend to achieve their income property goals. 

[21:20] It’s the kind of person we become just by trying. 

[22:00] SMART Goals

[23:00] Smartsheet from

[26:50] Balance out your portfolio. 


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This episode of FlashBack Friday was originally published on: Jan 23, 2013

Jason Hartman is joined by author and real estate investor, Barb Getty, as she talks about her journey into real estate investing, what it takes to be a good landlord or property manager, how to find and keep great tenants, and explains the eviction process.

The second of four children, Barb was born and raised in Gary, IN.  She graduated cum laude from Purdue and married soon after. After seven moves in nine years of marriage, her family settled in Indianapolis.

Tragedy struck in 1992 when her 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident.  Her daughters were 16 and 14 at the time.  Sadly, Barb’s 21-year marriage ended eight months after Todd’s death.  She bought a small home needing repairs, and following the fix-up, she and her daughters moved in.

Pleased with that first project, Barb purchased her first duplex (with little money, no credit and no experience), hoping she had the wherewithal to be a landlord.  Today, she owns 27+ units -- a mix of single and multi-family, low and middle income rentals.  interviewed her recently and the article also appeared in USA Today.   Barb has also added high-end property management, consulting and speaking engagements to her business.

Although she hasn’t had an easy road, Barb is both financially and emotionally invested in her work.  She invites people to watch a video showing scenes she faces as a landlord in the inner city.  It’s very compelling.  Barb authored The Landlord Chronicles:  Investing in Low and Middle Income Rentals, published in 2010. Armed with a positive attitude and a strong sense of humor, Barb Getty is making a difference in her tenants’ lives, the neighborhood and the city as well.


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[Giveaway] Go To

What do you mean, 30th anniversary of the peak of civilization? Jason Hartman talks about the shifts in culture, the economy, and technology throughout the years. What's peaked, and what is climbing faster than ever?

Jason is interviewed by Sterling White of The Real Estate Experience Podcast. Jason shares his journey and wisdom from the first three chapters that motivated him in real estate. Learn about the successes and failures that made Jason who he is today.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] What news station has 'gone off the rails?'

[4:50] What would be the New Years' resolution for a N. Korean?

[7:20] This New Year is the 30th anniversary of the peak of civilization. 

[10:25] "Let me control the music; I care not who controls the money supply, and I care not who makes the laws." -Jason Hartman

[14:45] Have you checked out our Youtube Channel?

[16:21] The book that started it all for Jason, in three chapters: Nothing Down by Robert Allen

[19:20] You may have some bad experiences, it's not perfect, but keep going, keep investing

[21:30] If our mindset is wrong, we'll let the opportunity slip away

[24:20] We have to manage scarcity, mentality, and ego

[28:00] Your job is to pay the bills; your real estate will make you rich

[29:00] What failure has set you up for success?

[32:45] Thou shalt not gamble, buy a property that makes sense the day that you buy it

[41:45] Debt is not wrong in real estate; the mortgage is a huge asset


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The Real Estate Experience Podcast

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Although we have been mixed up with some challenging and not-so-great looking economic times, the real estate market still seems to be flourishing. Jason Hartman shares some great news about US real estate, along with some interesting anecdotes about building supplies for new homes. 

The script is flipped, and Mike interviews Jason Hartman. Jason and Mike talk about being ‘area agnostic.’ Why should you diversify your investment portfolio into 3-5 markets? Become a Platinum Property Investor. 

WIN $500 CONTEST: $500 ‘Stimulus Check’ to the Winners!

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] We face potential economic hardship and challenging times, but real estate is doing great!

[7:45] Because of pricing shifts, Charlotte builder went from lumber framed homes to steel-framed, and then back to lumber. 

[10:45] Have you thought about cryptocurrencies lately?

Interview from the past

[18:00] How I got started in real estate.  

[19:45] If you want to get rich in real estate, learn the business first. 

[24:20] Investing smart means following the ten commandments of investing. Number 3 is “Maintain Control.”

[28:00] The US markets are starting to show signs of “real maturity.”

[34:20] Market and economic predictions? 

[39:00] What is Platinum Properties?


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Find out what is the hidden wealth creator for income property investors

Everybody needs food and energy. Jason Hartman begs the question, why are they excluded from the consumer price index when calculating the core rate? In this in-depth talk on economic maladies, Jason discusses inflation, deflation, and stagflation (stagnation) - and which is likely to show up in our lives throughout the next few years. How much do we (the entire human race) produce in a year? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The political spectrum is less of a line and more of a circle. 

[6:30] “We just want a job.” - how money solves so many problems. 

[9:10] This decade, we will see changes, the likes of which we’ve never seen. 

[11:00] Is UBI good or bad?

[14:00] Inflation, deflation, or stagflation (or stagnation); what’s what?

[15:20] Why is inflation the most common scenario?

[17:20] The assets are the things you own, and the liabilities are the debts you have…right?

[20:00] How much does the entire human race produce in terms of economic value every year?

[22:00] Sighted inflation is a lie! 

[24:10] What are the two commonly excluded components from the consumer price index to get the core rate (core inflation)?

[26:00] Which assets do ‘ok’ in an inflationary environment? 

[31:00] The IRS does not know how to calculate inflation. 

[32:30] Economic malady number 2: deflation. 

[39:00] How can income property help me with my taxes?


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Jason Hartman asks you, “what will life be like in 2021?” As well, Jason offers an update on a couple of Florida markets. This all before his introduction to an episode from just over one year ago.

Jason Hartman starts today's episode from the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscane, FL. He has created a new ratio for you to think about that can be put alongside the Rent-to-Value Ratio and all the other ones Jason has coined. Then he explores the concept of the unemployment rate versus the labor participation rate, the differences between them and what that means.

Then investment counselor Adam joins Jason to discuss a property in Mobile, AL and also to look at the growing wages in specialized blue collar jobs. The two explore how this will impact real estate values and what it could mean to 4 year colleges.

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] What is life going to be like this coming year (2021)?

[3:30] In person update from St. Augustine, Florida Short-Term Rental Market.

[4:15] Update on Jacksonville, Florida market as well.

[6:00] Alabama new construction:

Blast From The Past Episode Originally Aired December 17, 2019

[11:06] Jason's newest ratio

[13:52] Unemployment Rate vs Labor Participation Rate

[18:32] The discouraged worker skews unemployment stats

[20:02] A property profile in Mobile, AL

[23:56] Blue collar wages are enticing people away from 4 year colleges

[29:28] How rising blue college wages rising could impact real estate and the cost of repairs to our investment properties


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This episode of FlashBack Friday was originally published: October 12, 2010

Jason shares President Ronald Reagan’s 1982 radio address to show how much the world has changed in 25 short years which illuminates America’s best export and the essence of it’s “brand” – freedom. Next, “Shift Happens” as global prosperity booms. And finally segment two in our series on commercial real estate investing. Stay tuned for lots more innovative “new thinking” about investing and the financial world with our upcoming Creating Wealth podcasts in 2008.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

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Jason Hartman discusses the 12 Days of Christmas with one caveat: inflation adjustments! First, let us all rediscover the true meaning of Inflation. This year, Inflation for the 12 Days of Christmas has some peculiar changes, thanks largely to social distancing. Will we get a second stimulus? If so, how much will it be? Does your investment produce income? If not - it’s probably not an investment. 

Contest TWO Winners: $500 Make a video: Tell us about your real estate and investing goals, health, fitness, etc.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Inflation, one of the economic maladies. 

[3:10] What’s the average US home price, not the median home price?

[5:30] What will happen with this second pandemic stimulus?

[9:40] Inflation, Inflation, Inflation! 

[10:00] What’s the difference between Real and Nominal, Price, and Value?

[16:20] For 37 years, PNC has been indexing the 12 days of Christmas. 

[20:00] The Inflation starting with a partridge in a pear tree. 

[25:25] Five golden rings or six geese a-laying? 

[31:50] No inflation on nine ladies dancing; it’s not even available. 

[33:00] Are we all going to end up being germaphobes? 

[38:00] Some Q&A from live viewers.

[39:00] What’s double arbitrage?

[40:30] If it doesn’t produce income, can it be called an investment?


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Jason Hartman discusses with Rabbi Moffic the successes and fears of Moffic's short-term-rental (STR) purchase, taking place at the outset of the pandemic. The STR market was divided into great success and great struggle through the coronavirus pandemic. The automobile once changed how we lived. As we move into a period where cars are self-driving, we will see another significant shift in how we live. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Bubble In the Sun, The Florida Boom of the 1920s and how it brought on the great depression 

[4:00] Evan purchased a Short-Term-Rental Home in St. Augustine, Florida, in February 2020 (COVID-19).

[9:50] What had more influence on society, automobiles or Genghis Khan?

[14:00] Automobiles once changed how we lived; Apple self-driving cars and Tesla are both likely to change how automobiles affect our lives.

[19:20] The rise of suburbia is upon us. 

[22:30] Housing inventory is the lowest; it's been in recorded history. 

[27:45] New inventory is impossible to pencil out as a starter home. 


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From the stimulus bill to AB 2088, Jason is feeling admittedly indignant. Where are your tax dollars going, and how are they being affected? Do you have time to read the 5,593 page COVID-19 stimulus bill that congress released? California is trying to push their rich out and taking their money no matter where they end up. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Feeling indignant?

[3:25] The longest bill ever passed on the shortest day of the year.

[6:20] Are we (the US gov) unwinding all of the checks and balances of our founding fathers?

[8:00] Your cut of 2 trillion is 600 bucks; where is the rest going?

[15:00] California is driving out the rich! 

[20:00] You never want to live in a place where the government is broke. 

[24:10] Assembly bill 2088, California. 


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Why are we so lonely? Jason Hartman talks about the consumer product companies' benefits from a society troubled with excessive divorces. Has the single/divorce rate grown organically, or has some force behind the proverbial curtain driven it up?

Jason talks with Karen Straughan, who is known for her Youtube Channel, Girl Writes What? Feminism or anti-feminism, what's the best takeaway for improvements for all? An often misunderstood term, Karen sheds light on the way to better understand the movement. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Why are we so lonely? 

[2:20] It's better for consumer product companies to have people marry and then divorce, and possibly for the government too.

[6:30] "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." - Gloria Steinem

[9:00] "Follow the money."

Karen Straughan

[15:30] Why is feminism an often misunderstood word?

[17:00] Feminism sort of declared war on men back in 1848. 

[17:45] Has feminism hurt women, how so?

[22:00] Is there a hidden agenda to double the consumer market by splitting up couples?

[29:00] Do parts of feminism fuel vengeful behavior? 

[33:45] Is feminism a conspiracy to reduce the birthrate among educated people?

[36:00] Feminism and conspiracy. 

[45:00] Look at how the music narrative of women has changed in the last 50 years. 


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This Flash Back Friday episode was originally published: May 2015

Jason reads two articles to the audience. One is about the perception of Wall Street from Business Insider and another on CEO wages from Newser. Jason encourages you to leave him a voicemail on your opinion about the articles. Today’s guest is Douglas Goldstein. Douglas is the author of Rich As A King and he talks to Jason on using the concept of chess to become a more strategic investor.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] There’s one common theme in the CNBC show American Greed – investors didn’t have control.

[8:05] Be sure to check out this upcoming Flashback Friday episode.

[10:40] Jason reads an article from Newser about CEO wages. Send him a voicemail on your thoughts about this article.

[16:05] Jason introduces Douglas.

[22:15] How do we apply chess to our investments?

[30:30] Focus on one piece of your investment and try to make it just slightly better.

[35:30] What are zero coupon bonds?

Mentioned In This Episode:

Direct download: CW_1619_FBF_Chess.mp3
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Jason Hartman talks about Richard Cantillon in the same breath as the Federal Reserve. What do these two have to do with each other right now? Go long on real estate!

Investment Counselor, Adam, talks with Jason Hartman about how specific real estate markets are doing compared to markets in the Hartman Network. How much growth can you expect, and where should you put your money with such low inventory?

Check It Out:

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] 2021? Outlook looking good?

[2:45] "The Cantillon Effect refers to the change in relative prices resulting from a change in money supply . The change in relative prices occurs because the change in money supply has a specific injection point and therefore a specific flow path through the economy."

[4:30] Go long on real estate, and stock up on these mortgages while rates are low! 

[6:55] "Is this the roaring 20s?"


[10:30] How are markets doing in the Hartman Network right now?

[17:00] How are Texas properties different as far as investing dollars?

[19:00] Are inflation stats wrong today?

[22:00] Let's take a look at inflation-induced debt destruction.


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Jason Hartman talks about the staggering number: 35% of US dollars were created this year. Will all of this money-creation cause inflation, and if so, is that good for investors?  

Is the foreclosure wave coming, is the crash coming? The delinquency rate is decreasing, but naysayers are still looking for a bubble to pop. Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Adam about the foreclosure wave, forbearance, and appreciation in this two part interview. 

Check It Out:

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] 35% of all US dollars have been created in the last ten months. 

[4:00] The Federal Reserve became the biggest investor in all world history.  

[8:00] Jason speaks about the economists that have had a significant effect on our livelihood. 

[12:00] Will all of this money-creation cause inflation?


[18:00] Real estate has been making a fortune for fifty years, and the naysayers keep waiting for the crash to come. 

[20:00] Timing the market does not work. 

[21:00] Do you remember Long Term Capital Management?

[23:45] Foreclosures were down all over the country before COVID-19 hit. 

[25:00] Does the forbearance issue 2020 lead to more money in the system?

[28:20] The average US foreclosure period is 841 days.

[32:20] What is the incentive to come out of forbearance if you are concerned about a potential shutdown? 

[37:45] Rents are being paid regardless of the stimulus. 

[41:30] Are we going to see a stall or bubble burst?


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Land, gold, and art, or stocks, bonds, and cash? Jason Hartman talks with Dan Ferris, editor of Extreme Value and host of the Stansberry Investor Hour Podcast. “You need to learn to preserve wealth outside the financial system,” Ferris said. Ferris and Hartman go in-depth discussing diversification and its importance versus playing it safe with multi-dimensional assets. Inflation; don’t predict it, prepare for it.

Check It Out:

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The crash bros have been wrong, and wrong again. 

[3:45] Are the SJW good people?

[6:25] If you need a model for consumption, it is as easy as checking in with nature.

[8:00] Global food prices have hit a six-year high (adjusted for inflation)

[11:00] High-frequency traders get even speedier with cutting edge cables -WSJ

Dan Ferris

[17:00] Let’s talk about Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver. 

[19:10] “Bitcoin is the hardest currency on Earth.” - Ferris

[26:00] Bitcoin, is 11 years long enough for people to start accepting it for commerce?

[18:45] Inflation is coming! 

[30:00] Will there be a great reset?

[31:00] Don’t predict, prepare. 

[32:45] Land, gold, and art OR stocks, bonds, and cash?


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Jason Hartman talks with Dan Ferris, the editor of Extreme Value and host of the Stansberry Investor Hour Podcast. Dan and Jason speak on subjects ranging from the broad economy to some of the conspiracy theories that might be ignored a little too much. Understanding the government’s role in the shifting economy and what the Fed is doing with each dollar can help one understand whether or not we are in a bubble. As well, how long can the stimulus work before it has no effect? 

Check It Out:

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] “I traveled, mid-pandemic” -Jason

[4:00] Is the housing market going to crash?

Dan Ferris

[10:00] Would our founding fathers have been called “conspiracy theorists with tin foil hats?”

[13:00] The government wins every election. 

[14:00] Where is the economy going?

[15:45] The Fed doesn’t buy securities because they are saving up for retirement. 

[19:15] Why might the stimulus stop working so efficiently?

[23:00] “This is the most insanely overvalued market in all of history.” - Ferris

[25:00] Nit-picking on Warren Buffet. 


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Today’s Flash Back Friday was originally published in August 2019.

Jason Hartman talks with Walter E Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and author of American Contempt for Liberty, about what is going on in our society today. America has become a country of people who hate liberty and want to take from others to give to themselves or others who they deem need it more. There seems to be an unwillingness to accept that people earn more than others and thinking that the government needs to step in and play a role. Walter explains to Jason how we can solve our problems by telling the government to get out of the way more than telling them to help.

Key Takeaways:

[2:34] Make sure you're investing in things that make sense THE DAY YOU BUY THEM

Walter E Williams Interview:

[7:46] Do United States citizens really have contempt for liberty?

[13:41] Has the Trump administration turned the tide at all?

[17:03] Is a wealth tax fair?

[21:51] Politicians are doing exactly what we elect them to do

[27:05] The only way we're going to solve our nation's problems


Jason Hartman opens by suggesting the idea that the wealth distribution in America might happen naturally. While people can work remotely and choose to leave the big cities, these high wage earners will take what they have to share to suburban America.  

Gold is the only monetary asset in the world that is not somebody else’s liability. Jason Hartman talks with Charles Goyette going beyond every conversation about gold in the economy right now. Gold’s value continues to rise, and not just compared to the dollar. Goyette says that China, along with the rest of the world, is de-dollarizing. Goyette gives an insightful, thought-provoking history and prediction of currencies in all forms across the globe. 


The Last Gold Rush…Ever! 7 Reasons for the Runaway Gold Market and How You Can Profit from It by Charles Goyette

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What does Bloomberg have to say about San Francisco?

[2:30] Water seeks the lowest point. 

[7:15] When people flee to a less expensive area, they’re able to gain wealth, get ahead faster, and have an overall better standard of living. 

[8:45] Why was the Berlin Wall built?

[12:20] High earning, highly educated people leaving previously favored cities will change the face of suburban America. 

Charles Goyette

[18:30] Maybe we should have ‘socialist distancing’ as opposed to social distancing.

[20:20] In the last 100 years, the US has had three versions of the US dollar. 

[21:00] Was the US government doing the mega version of check kiting? 

[27:30] No trillion dollar debt?

[29:00] Are we looking at a sort of rampant runaway towards socialism in the US?

[30:40] For our economic might to end, it has to be replaced.

[34:15] China, along with the rest of the world, are de-dollarizing. 

[35:40] How does bitcoin play into the future of global currency?

[37:15] “Socialism; ideas so good we have to force you to accept them.”

[39:20] Is gold an investment, insurance, or a currency?

[41:00] Is gold as scarce as we think?

[44:45] Any closing thoughts on the new world order and the great reset?


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Jason Hartman shares the pros of flying mid pandemic. While at a real estate conference, he can’t help but notice how the vast majority of attendees are incredibly bullish on real estate. Who else has become part of the California exodus?

In this part two discussion, George Gammon joins Jason Hartman, further illustrating some of the truth behind global conspiracies. George states that more data produced by the free market capitalist economy is needed to understand and accurately control pricing. What are we trading for green energy?

Special Mentions:

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] First time flying in 10 months! 

[4:45] Many people are very bullish on real estate! 

[6:00] Where in the world is Elon Musk?

[8:25] Warnings have been issued about pending great reset.

[10:15] How do you vet the abundant real estate offers?

George Gammon

[16:30] We need all of the data that is produced by the free-market capitalist economy. 

[17:10] George explains the benefits of a central bank digital currency.

[19:50] The digital currency that wins the game is the one backed by the government. 

[22:00] The possibility of digital currency backed by the government puts an overwhelming amount of control into the government’s hands. 

[25:30] People generally revolt against their inability to eat, not having freedom stripped away.

[28:40] Is there a chance that we can sustain our current lifestyle if we move to green energy?

[30:45] Is green energy a trade-off or a solution?

[34:45] How can we compare today to how unemployment was measured during the great depression? 

[37:00] Own a little gold, maybe some bitcoin, definitely have a 30 year fixed mortgage.


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Jason Hartman invites you all to put on your tinfoil hats in preparation for this interview with George Gammon exploring some topics often considered economic conspiracy theories. George, a regular visitor on our show, brings you some unsettling details outlining the great reset and the repo market. How are communism and capitalism connected? How far will artificial intelligence infiltrate into our every day lives?  

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Let’s put on our tinfoil hats for a moment. 

[3:30] What is the repo market?

[9:40] “A trillion a day keeps the economic consequences away.” -Jason

[11:40] This great reset has been talked about since 2016 or earlier. Conspiracy theory?

[14:15] EVERYTHING shall feed into the central computers.

[17:45] George goes deep into artificial intelligence. 

[21:00] Is communism the next stage of capitalism?

[23:00] Big government is great for the inner circle.

[24:15] Price signals help you allocate resources efficiently. 


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Once again, single-family investment properties prove to have lasting value - beating out the purported success of commercial real estate. Jason Hartman ponders, will there be a Boxing Day Blues, with pandemic relief packages drying up?

Plagues have always been a part of the human experience, but the seriousness of COVID-19 is rare. Jason Hartman talks with author and professor, Dr. Nicholas Christakis. Dr. Christakis shares bits from his book Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live. As well, Jason probes Dr. Christakis of the blueprint of a good society - from selections of Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society.


Sunday Coffee Tok: new time 7:00/4:00 pm EST/PAC time.

Jason and Adam: Every other Wednesday at 9:30 am EST.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Single-family home RE beats commercial again. 63 Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores are closing at the end of this fiscal year.

[5:15] 2.3% is the number that represents the number of office building loans converted into mortgage-backed securities that are more than 30 days delinquent.

[8:00] Millions are set to lose those big federal aid programs.

[9:00] The boxing day blues, pandemic relief packages likely to dry up or not?

[10:30] More lawsuits against Facebook! 

Dr. Nicholas Christakis

[14:00] Unpacking: Apollo’s Arrow

[15:45] What’s the severity of Coronavirus in comparison to past pandemics?

[18:45] Dr. Christakis debunks some COVID-19 myths.

[22:30] There are two critical epidemiological properties to understand about a virus: the infection fatality rate and the contagiousness (R-Naught).

[27:45] The modern mind thinks science and tech have already solved all significant issues. 

[29:15] We are fortunate to be in a period when a vaccine can be made available in real-time.

[30:45] What is “good behavior” for surviving COVID-19?

[34:30] The real estate industry is being reshaped, as it always has in times of pandemics. 

[38:00] Talking about Blueprint, The Evolutionary Origins of A Good Society.

[39:50] What’s the forbidden experiment?

[41:45] A perfect natural experiment. 

[47:20] That good feeling you get when in the presence of your friends was shaped by natural selection. 


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Today's Flash Back Friday was originally published in September 2015.

If you’re here it’s because you’re interested in creating or growing your wealth through real estate investing. And today’s episode is the perfect vehicle to help you do that.

One of our experts, Joe, joins us to give the down and dirty details of what it takes to get the best financing deal and the specifications you need to qualify for up to 20 properties. We also talk about whether or not you need an attorney to close a loan, the differences between technical refinancing and cash out refinancing as well as how many months’ of reserves you need.

This is expert advice free of charge! And it’s all here on today’s episode of Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing.

Quick answers in the lightning round to all of the most important financing questions. We dig in and ask prudent questions of Joe our financing guru. If you are looking to create your wealth through real estate investments this is the episode for you. Down and dirty details of what it takes to get the best financing deal and the specifications you need to qualify for up to 20 properties. Expert advice free of charge!

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:23] Lender Lightning Round show

[1:58] The great Facebook debate

[4:29] Commandment #3 - Thou shalt maintain control

[9:28] Ric Edelman’s - 10 great reasons to keep a long term mortgage and never pay it off

[11:07] The supply chain of financial advisors

[15:40] It’s an amazing time to be alive

[16:18] The Chinese Government makes it easier to buy overseas assets

[18:40] Newport Rhode Island trip for Venture Alliance members and guests

Lightning Round:

[21:30] Inflation induced debt destruction

[22:15] Financing 10 properties per spouse through Fannie Mae

[22:53] Down payments vary - 5% down reduces your rate

[23:43] Financing through an LLC

[24:24] 1 loan, 1 property with vanilla residential financing

[25:45] Multiple inquiries about your credit score can lower it over time

[27:00] A LLC needs different insurance

[27:47] Is a power of attorney be sufficient to close the loan

[28:29] An attorney is not needed to close the loan

[29:57] A 2 year landlord history - Fannie Mae no, Freddie Mac yes

[30:56] The minimum credit score is 620 for the first 4 properties, 720 for 5-10

[31:50] Cash out refinancing on investment properties

[33:05] You can always finance your primary residence but different guidelines may apply

[34:21] Lenders need 6 months of reserves

[35:37] Offsetting the mortgage payment based on possible rental income

[37:42] Rental income loss

[38:38] Technical refinance or delayed financing

[40:22] 100% replacement cost needed in homeowners insurance

[44:37] Do your due diligence but beware of multiple credit checks


Fruitcake Fraud

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Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) thought they had the market all figured out - oops. Jason Hartman reminds you all to invest in something that makes sense the day you buy it; market timing is for the fools. We are looking at record-low interest rates again (mortgage rates)! It's time to invest!

Investment counselor Adam returns for part two on their discussion of the doom and gloom, will we see another great recession? Even if we do see another great recession, understanding IDEAL can help set you up for comfort. 

Jason Hartman's Quick Start Podcast

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] If market timing were possible, wouldn't it be done?

[4:00] Real Estate is getting cheaper! 

[11:00] In March 2020, Jason said, "don't invest" - today (December 2020), "DO IT!"


[12:00] What is the government?

[15:00] When is all of this Doom & Gloom going to come true?

[17:00] What if it's another great recession right now?

[25:30] Let's compare income property with the value investing philosophy of Warren Buffet. 

[27:00] Understanding IDEAL

[33:00] "we'll just put the tool back in the toolbox, and everything will be ok.".. or not!


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Who has End of The World Syndrome? Jason Hartman reminds everyone of the ups and downs of the market, but not the end. The migration, or the flattening of America, continues as Hewlett Packard is leaving silicone valley. 

Adam questions JP Morgan’s move, “relaxing their mortgage standards.” Jason and Adam discuss the potential for another housing bubble or the great recession. Also, Jason and Adam break down some of Jerome Powell’s dialogue. What does this mean for the investor?  


Key Takeaways:

[2:15] End Of The World Syndrome? 

[3:00] To those waiting for the RE crash…

[9:00] Hewlett Packard is leaving silicone valley. 

[12:10] “The flattening of America.”

[14:10] The Final Frontier


[19:30] Is JP Morgan relaxing their mortgage standards…again? 

[23:15] Is this the start of a housing bubble that leads to a great recession?

[25:23] Go to 

[27:30] Key-phrase: “when the crisis has passed…”

[34:20] Jerome Powell - The Federal Reserve - “the world’s biggest hedge-fund.” 


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Jason Hartman zooms in on San Francisco to talk about vacancy rates, rental rates, and leverage. Also, Jason shares a few stories from his time spent with the amazing Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas. 

Andrew Cushman of Vantage Point Acquisitions returns for part two to discuss one of the new investors' first questions: where do I start building my portfolio? Popular cities sound like a great starting point, but the better investment opportunity might be a city you've never heard of. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Phase 1 to phase 2 of the Mass Migration of America.

[2:53] The median pricing to rent a 1 bedroom apt in San Francisco is $2800.

[6:00] What's a real estate excavator?

[7:30] Nearly 46% of ALL Americans are considering moving within the next year. 

[9:15] Jason speaks on the innovation of Tony Hsieh

[13:15] Hear from the client: Muthia

Andrew Cushman

[15:00] "I don't want to invest in Arizona because I don't want to be too spread out."

[17:15] How did you identify these growing markets early, before they stopped making sense?

[19:45] How do I decide what market to invest in?

[23:40] One of the best ways to protect yourself from an inflationary environment is to invest in real estate. 


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Jason Hartman shares evidence of bullish signs for the real estate market. Also, let's take a look at the S&P500 movement for the last 12 months; it's good to know where your investment sits in comparison to the market. 

Andrew Cushman joins Jason to talk about rental scarcity. Andrew shares graphs and figures to paint a picture of real estate movement and migration in the US. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The number of 2020

[4:45] to set up different entities.

[7:10] 3.6 million long-term unemployed Americans without work for 6 months or more. 

[9:00] Will there be a stimulus extension?

[13:00] How are stocks trading on their 200-day averages?

[16:00] Governments do produce at least one thing. 

Andrew Cushman

[22:00] Discussing the "tricky" economy, with the odd unemployment compared to stock market success.

[23:00] Will this be the next great depression, or is everything going to be OK?

[25:00] The millennials, the largest generation, are getting to the point where they are forming households. 

[29:30] How much of a housing shortage are we looking at? 

[34:30] California is losing the people that have the desired incomes for rental property. 

[35:00] California is a banana republic. 

[41:30] Opportunity zone, is it overrated?

[43:30] Thou shalt not gamble; the property needs to make sense the day you buy it. 


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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published on: November 21, 2018

Jason Hartman starts today from his Aunt Joanie's house discussing a recent trend among her renters: lease breaking. Joanie has noticed that several of her tenants seem to be jumping in to the buy side after they had given up over the summer. Jason and Joanie discuss why this might be and the correlation between rents and home prices.

Then Jason talks with Diana Butler Bass, Ph.D. in religious studies and award-winning author of 10 books including her newest, Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks. The two dive in to why being grateful is important, both for the community and the individual. Diana explains the 4 dispositions of gratitude and the health benefits that come from being grateful.

PLUS, don't forget to take advantage of Jason's massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Key Takeaways:

[4:01] People are starting to break leases more often

[7:02] Fear of loss is more powerful than desire for gain

[9:26] Rents and prices are inversely correlated

[11:23] Why Aunt Joanie got into real estate

Diana Butler Bass Interview:

[16:15] Gratitude actually makes you healthier

[21:34] Gratitude functions out of our higher brain, whereas fear functions out of our primal brain. It also helps things in you physically like blood pressure

[24:39] The world has changed and we need to stop acting solely from our fear instincts

[25:37] The 4 dispositions of gratitude

[30:06] Play isn't just about competition, it's about appreciation, movement, and celebration. Ritual celebrations of thanksgiving are important parts of our culture


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Jason Hartman, Rabbi Moffic, and everyone here in the Hartman Network wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! 

We thank you all for being devoted listeners, active investors, and top-tier landlords.

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Have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac adjusted the loan limits because they are adapting to the market? Jason Hartman speaks on the change in loan limits and the changes in purchase volume. As well, here’s a quick update on the US jobs market broken down. 

Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan return for part two in discussing interest rates with Japan as the main subject. Also, they discuss the nationalization of countries across the globe due to the necessity of self-reliance. Finally, Charles Goodhart shares Goodhart’s Law.

BooksThe Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival

Black Friday Deal:

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Most counties will see a 7.5% increase in the loan limit. 

[4:45] The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) offered a prediction, along with their revised estimates, what will happen in terms of purchase volume.

[7:35] Will next year be a time when it’s harder to get a good rent-to-value ratio?

[10:00] People in the mortgage business are making money! 

[12:00] How’s the US job market doing?

Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan

[17:45] The way Japan has been treated has been symptomatic of many of the analysis problems that we see in the global economy. 

[20:45] Manoj comments on what allowed Japan’s debt to get so high.

[22:25] One result of the pandemic was that every country becomes more national and self-reliant. 

[24:45] Are we moving into an era of stagflation?

[25:15] What kind of inflation is coming? US or Global? And how much?

[30:00] Goodhart’s Law


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Jason Hartman invites all to be thankful and check out The Fannie Mae loan limits will be increasing; tell us what you think this will do at

Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan join today to elaborate on a significant global prediction that low-interest rates won’t last. When they go away, it will place substantial hardship on the economy. Charles and Manoj authored the book The Great Demographic Reversal, a book that will outline the rise in inflation and interest rates but lead to a pullback in inequality. In part I, Jason, Charles, and Manoj elaborate on the dependency ratio. 

BooksThe Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival

Black Friday Deal:

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] It’s a time to be thankful. 

[3:20] The Fannie Mae loan limits are going to be increasing! 

[4:15] Jason Hartman Flash Briefing: The Story of Inflation

[7:50] How are Manoj and Charles connected?

[10:20] How have globalization and technology influenced inflation? 

[13:45] The debt ratios around the world have been jumping up very sharply. 

[14:00] Will interest rates go up?

[15:00] The best way to get out of debt is to grow faster.

[17:00] Japan is aging itself out of existence with its extremely low birthrates. 

[18:20] Robots won’t do; we need a reallocation from one part of the economy. 

[22:00] Why is the dependency ratio so important?


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Florida continues to amaze! Jason Hartman speaks about continuous job growth in Florida. Jason sets up the interview with Vermeeren, sharing the importance and weight in one's life of having goals.

Douglas Vermeeren joins the show today to discuss the power of thought shared in the film How Thoughts Become Things. Douglass and Jason speak on the profound ideas of building a life with thoughts, conversation, and your surroundings. From wealth to health, many ideas are influenced by the thoughts that you give them. 


Black Friday Deal:

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Goals have magnetism.

[6:00] Cancel culture and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. 

[7:20] Florida has had six consecutive months of month over month job growth. 

[9:30] Trump fired Sidney Powell

Douglas Vermeeren

[13:00] We become what we think about.

[16:05] Our thoughts are highjacked by the stimulus around us, all the time. 

[17:45] We become like the five people we spend the most time with. 

[22:00] Your network becomes your safety net, then becomes your net worth.

[23:00] "Fake it 'till you make it" is the biggest lie that's out there. 

[24:45] A goal that is specific and clear becomes attainable and near.

[29:00] Don't' focus on the haters; focus on those that actually can pay you.

[33:00] Should we think outside the box or find the right box to think within? 


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Today's Flash Back Friday was originally published in October 2014.

Jason Hartman speaks to author and former Department of Justice attorney, Sidney Powell. Together, they dive into some of the most scandalous and outrageous cases which have based through the Department of Justice in recent decades. Step-by-step, they overview several of the cases featured in Powell’s book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice and consider the true state of our society.

Key Takeaways

01.00 – Sidney Powell’s book, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, deals with some of the most scandalous and historic events to come out of the United States’ Department of Justice.

09.20 – Within the Merrill Lynch case, it got to the point where favorable statements were hidden for six years while four Merrill Lynch executives were sent to prison without even a listed criminal offense.

13.00 – Sometimes there are two sides to a story and you need to dig a little deeper to find out what really happened.

16.55 – You have to question when a judge says he’s never had such a fine person before him for sentencing, and then passes a sentence.

20.20 – (Project on Government Oversight) has identified over 400 instances of misconduct by prosecutors in the last decade.

22.00 – Despite having a criminal conviction against his name a few days before the re-election, Ted Stevens only lost his place on the Senate by a few votes.

27.45 – The Bar associations are less than useless in these situations because they just give the same response.

32.00 – Judge Sullivan is turning around the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the IRS and doing his best to achieve a just result.

34.10 – There are too many aspects of the IRS case that just seem conveniently timed for it to be believable.

34.40 – Many of Sidney’s articles about these issues can be found at

36.40 – If the IRS is being used to target political opponents, who gave that order?

38.45 – Information about the book and how to purchase it can be found at Tweet Sidney using the handle @SidneyPowell1 and be sure to ‘like’ Licensed to Lie on Facebook.


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Jason Hartman shares the good news; interest rates at another record low! Texas is recording an increasing homeownership rate. Is it better for investors, society, the economy if homeownership rates continue to increase? 

Jenna Weinerman, VP of Marketing from, returns in part two to discuss some additional figures on Americans' moving away from big cities. This suburban tsunami has some big-city dwellers headed back to their hometowns.

Charlotte Market Profile Webinar:

Key Takeaways:

[2:35] We broke another record with interest rates! 

[5:00] Is an increasing homeownership rate a good thing?

Jenna Weinerman

[10:30] What cities are making headlines and why? The Covid-19 Effect on NYC

[11:45] San Franciscans liked to stay in California, while NYC residents likely left the state.

[15:25] Jenna continues to break down where people that fled ended up. 

[17:15] Where did San Franciscans go? … besides California, Texas! 

[22:00] Where are Boston and Vegas residents going?

[25:00] A lot of people are moving to Denver, CO. Where are they coming from?

[29:30] What should our country expect moving forward?

[34:00] If there were ever a time to purchase a home, now is it! 


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Jason Hartman calls it The Suburban Tsunami; others have referred to it as The Covid Effect; it all amounts to one thing: a mass exodus of big cities like NYC and San Francisco, and a migration to the suburbs. Jason Hartman talks about the big move, the university debt enslavement complex, and home prices that one man says are rising too fast. 

Jenna Weinerman, VP of Marketing from, joins Jason Hartman to share some facts and figures on Americans' move out of big cities. Updater is an app that helps to complete all of the peoples' moving-related tasks. This app has a lot of moving data collected from real estate businesses across the US.

Thursday: Charlotte Market Profile Webinar:

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The Suburban Tsunami! 

[8:45] The university debt enslavement complex, and massive vacancies in college towns. 

[13:45] Lawrence Yun, chief economist of NAR, "home prices are rising much too fast."

[15:30] 120% gross ONE year! 

Jenna Weinerman

[22:00] What is Updater?

[23:00] With Updater, they can survey one-third of the market. 

[25:00] Jenna explains the difference between moving and a relocation event in terms of the pandemic. 

[26:45] Is there support for the anecdotal evidence that people are moving mid-pandemic? 

[29:45] There are many bidding wars across the country with this unusually long real estate season. 

[31:00] Zoom fatigue. But the tech is there to work from home. 

[31:45] Three more national moving trends starting with: the distance that someone moved.

[34:45] Why did mobility spike? Why are people moving in this period?

[35:15] Are people leaving the city? 

[38:30] Warm southwest climates are receiving more new residents. 

[43:00] You can't always take data at face value. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1597_Jenna_Part_1.mp3
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Jason Hartman elaborates on the migration of people from big cities, or as he has defines it: the reallocation of brainpower, venture capital, and tech startups. Jason talks about how the necessity for concentrated areas in these fields is no longer needed. People will be able to take advantage of cheaper places to live, with more space available. 300,000 New Yorkers or more have already made this decision.

Jason Hartman speaks with returning guest, Doug Casey of Casey Research. The often controversial author of many books including, The International Man, is asked about what he expects after this election. Casey also weighs in on the possibility of a cultural revolution. Covid-19 can and will affect the dollar, and real estate taxes, particularly those in big cities. Finally, Casey shares his views on Trump of Biden.

Thursday: Charlotte Market Profile Webinar:

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Tired of hearing about people leaving big cities? Here are the latest updates and predictions.

[4:45] Looking at the potential reallocation of brainpower, venture capital, tech startups. This will be spread all around the country and less concentrated. 

[7:45] More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months. 

[10:00] The number of shootings up through November 8th is up 94% over last year.

Doug Casey

[14:00] Let's talk about the election!

[15:00] Is the US facing a veritable cultural revolution, similar to that of China 1966-1976?

[17:00] If you own property in big cities, expect real estate taxes to rise even further. 

[18:30] "The dollar will be like toilet paper."

[26:00] Why Trump or Biden?

[28:15] Nobody wants to see the US break up on his watch.


Doug Casey Books

Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1596_Doug_Casey_Part_2.mp3
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Jason Hartman asks of you to ponder the Doug Casey quote, the thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination." Where would we be if we weren't held back by the powers that be? Has the median home price risen too fast? How will this correct itself?

Jason Hartman speaks with returning guest, Doug Casey of Casey Research. The often controversial author of many books including, The International Man, is asked about what he expects after this election. Casey shares views on anarchism, the civil, non-violent version, as well as the reasons he intends to leave Aspen, Colorado.

Charlotte Market Profile Webinar:

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] "The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination." Doug Casey

[5:00] The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. 

[11:45] The prelude to the investment strength matrix. 

[14:40] Lawrence Yun of NAR says that median home prices are rising much too fast!!!

[18:30] The random lengths weekly report of the lumber business says that framing lumber prices climbed further into record territory. 

[20:45] You've heard it here before, you'll hear it again..more people are migrating from NYC to Florida.

[23:30] Besides the sunshine, reason number one for moving to Florida; no state income tax. 

[24:45] Want to save money on taxes, among other things? Go to

Doug Casey

[26:30] The "left" has the voice.

[27:00] Aspen, Colorado, is being inundated with wealthy people from NY and California - the perfect time to bail.

[29:30] Casey breaks down the differences between civil war, coup, and a secession movement. 

[32:45] What's the civil side of anarchism?

[35:20] Thoughts on privatized prisons?


Doug Casey Books

Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1595_Doug_Casey_Part_1.mp3
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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published on: July 28, 2014


Joel Naroff is the Founder, President & Chief Economist with Naroff Economic Advisors and a member of the Newsmax Financial Braintrust Alliance. He’s also the author of, “Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the New Global Economy.”

Naroff gives his take on the economic recovery and when he expects inflation to hit, if at all. He also discusses the effects tax cuts have on the economy.

Naroff then talks about international economic hotspots and where people should produce and sell in our global economy. He thinks certain international events can ripple through the economy and ultimately affect workers in the Midwest.

Key Takeaways:

(2:27) Little Rock Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Boot Camp and property tour, and other announcements
(4:28) A special message from Bill Clinton
(5:01) News about Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia
(19:19) Introducing Joel Naroff
(19:55) Are we in a real economic recovery?
(22:26) Joel Naroff’s inflation forecast
(25:17) A look at the globalization of the economy and the US’ importing of deflation
(27:02) Have we exploited the world’s cheap labor yet?
(30:08) Tax policy and offshore businesses
(35:50) Why the banks aren’t lending very much
(39:37) How does the growing middle class in China affect Indiana?
(43:40) Closing comments


For more information about Joe Naroff:
For more about Joel Naroff’s research:
Or, look up Big Picture Economics on Facebook


Joel L. Naroff is the president and founder of Naroff Economic Advisors, a strategic economic consulting firm. He advises companies across the country on the risks and opportunities that economic developments may have on the organization’s operating environment.

A nationally recognized economic forecasting expert, Joel has received numerous honors. In 2011, he received the National Association for Business Economics Outlook Award as the top economic forecaster. NABE is the premier professional association for business economists. He also received the award in 2007. In 2008, he was awarded the Lawrence Klein Award for Blue Chip forecasting excellence. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious forecasting honors. Joel was the Bloomberg Business News top economic forecaster in 2008. In 2006, he was MSNBC’s top forecaster.

Joel received his bachelor degrees in economics and chemistry from the Stony Brook University and his Ph.D. in economics from Brown University. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, teaches at the Central Atlantic Advanced School of Banking, is a past chairman of the American Bankers Association’s Economic Advisory Committee and is a past president of the Philadelphia Council of Business Economists.

Direct download: CW_1594_FBF.mp3
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Jason Hartman shares his views on migration trends, supply/demand shock, and the pricing power that landlords hold right now. The millennials are a different generation with different renting versus buying trends. This opens up more opportunities for investors.

Jason Hartman talks with author, Ken Van Liew, to find out what has changed in wealth building in modern times. Ken and Jason talk about investment opportunities away from high-density cities. They also discuss a few commercial real estate sectors, including converting commercial to residential, what might come of malls, and growth in the need for self-storage. 


Ask your investment counselor about our new market!


Modern Wealth Building Formula: How To Master Real Estate

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] What state is leading in-migration?

[5:00] Jason explains how we are currently experiencing supply/demand shock.

[6:30] Landlords have pricing power right now.

[10:30] Who owns most of the 16million single-family rental homes in the US?

[11:45] Every market of 63 saw an increase in rents.

[18:00] Recommendations: 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Ken Van Lieu

[21:45] What’s different about ‘modern wealth building’?

[26:30] To Ken, what are your thoughts on the shift of Americans away from high-density cities?

[28:30] What commercial property can convert to residential?

[33:30] What are we going to do with malls?

[35:45] How will self-storage fair?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1592_Ken_Van_Liew.mp3
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Investors, how does it feel to be in the right asset class and the right sector? Jason Hartman invites you to join him in a sigh of relief that the ‘boring, single-family homes’ continue to outperform! 

James Barrett discusses REI Software Tenant Turner to give you the upper hand on managing your properties remotely. With the power of this kind of technology, you can turn tenants faster, more efficiently, and with an extensive ability for filter customizations. 


Thursday - November 12

Sunday - November 15

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Investors, let’s all take a sigh of relief - in it to win it. 

[6:25] Quoting articles, “world currencies gain against US dollar after Biden win.”

[11:35] Houses are selling more than two weeks faster compared to the same time last year.

James Barrett

[15:30] With the power of technology and automation, property owners and investors in real estate can manage their properties without having to be there physically. 

[18:00] “You can configure the application till your heart is content,” referring to the filters for tenants that will fit your property, from move-in date to pets, etc.

[23:00] Barrett explains how the tech works for landlords and tenants. 

[25:45] What kind of safeguards are in play?

[27:15] What kind of lockboxes do you use?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1592_James_Barrett.mp3
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Jason Hartman is joined by Richard Cupelli, founder of, and is here to tell you if section 8 housing is the right decision for your investment. Richard breaks down how section 8 housing works for the landlord and the tenant and informs those beyond their preconceived fear. Richard shares info from inspections to rent expectations to help you figure out if your investment is right for section 8. 


Thursday - November 12

Sunday - November 15

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Almost politics-free: crony capitalism and fascism. 

[5:45] The EU is now prosecuting with new anti-trust probes and charges.

[8:30] The US is facing the most severe housing crisis in history? Says who…

Richard Cupelli, Founder of

[14:00] is a listing service a lot like Zillow

[17:00] What are the pros/cons of government-assisted tenants?

[19:20] What’s the difference between government assistance and rent insurance?

[22:45] To what extent are the inspections unnecessarily burdensome?

[25:30] What types of properties qualify for section 8 housing?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1591_Cupelli.mp3
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Dr. Steve Turley joins Jason Hartman on this 10th episode special to discuss voter fraud, media bias, and fact-checking. Who are the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ of social media? Jason and Steve take live questions from listeners in this livestream episode that you can be a part of next time by subscribing to our YouTube channel and clicking on the notification bell. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] From a Bloomberg article, Jason comments on the amount of options renters have in Manhattan. 

[10:10] What happens if the urban core is highly renovated?

[15:20] “I just want to know who actually won the election.”

[22:00] It’s not will Trump or Biden win; it’s will democratic voters win?

[27:30] The judges don’t make the law; they interpret the law.

[29:20] What’s the Stockade Principle?

[31:22] “Great companies never lose confidence that we’re gonna get through this..”

[36:00] Discussing Watermark QFS ballots. 

[39:00] We are moving into a network society as opposed to a mass society. 

[45:20] Liberalism is excellent if you can afford it. 

[51:00] 71 million Americans have turned off major news networks.

[59:00] “Trumpism won” 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1590_Dr._Steve_Turley.mp3
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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published on: May 1, 2012 

Jason Hartman is joined on this episode by Greg Farrell, author of Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, The Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near Collapse of Bank of America, for a discussion of the economic crash and the resulting bailouts, as well as some of the inside dealings with some of the major banks, such as the buyouts by Bank of America.

Greg explains how these banks that participated in the buyouts grossly underestimated the depth of problems in their own banks and in those they acquired. Greg relates his research on Merrill Lynch’s attempt in the 1980s to become more like Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks, which was to their detriment because they lacked the expertise for such business practices, and became involved in and in the middle of many of the scandals of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Like CitiGroup, they were in over their head.

Jason and Greg discuss Wall Street in general and then specific financial groups regarding the recklessness and risky businesses, funds, etc, that they entertained to give the impression of higher rates of returns. As the plot unfolded, large bonuses to CEOs and high-producing brokers came into play, which encouraged an all or nothing attitude toward the company and fostered a “me” attitude versus long-term stability of the company. Greg also talks about what he calls the “Charlotte Mafia,” the clash of company cultures.

Greg Farrell is a correspondent for the Financial Times. In January 2009, he broke the news that Merrill Lynch had paid out its 2008 bonuses a month ahead of schedule, in December, even though Merrill was in the process of losing $28 billion for the year, and Bank of America needed an extra $20 billion in taxpayer funds to complete its acquisition of the firm. That story sparked an investigation by New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo.

Greg is a past winner of the American Business Press’s Jesse Neal Award for investigative reporting and a recipient of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship for business journalism. He earned a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.

Direct download: CW_1589_FBF.mp3
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Jason Hartman and Adam continue discussing the fear of a housing bubble and how to be a real estate permabull. This part two begins with housing stats, how to understand the US median price, and why you can’t always trust what you read. This is especially true if you are investing in Hartman advised linear markets instead of cyclical markets in high-density areas. As well, these two discuss staple moves to make on your way to building a real estate portfolio. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] The Covid Recession continues to affect multi-family housing.

[9:40] Adam shares some stats in housing price changes from 2008-2011 (cyclical market index reports)

[12:45] Adam shares how to be a real estate permabull and have it make sense. 

[18:30] In an inflationary environment, the best asset class is income-producing property. 

[21:00] Almost everybody buys a house based on the payment, not the price.

[31:00] Your journey to a rental property portfolio is one door at a time.

[38:00] Check out this free webinar:

[39:45] HELOC v. Cash-out Refi, which should I do right now?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1588_Adam.mp3
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Jason Hartman shares a sigh of relief; no matter who wins the presidential election, there is always a strategy in real estate, the most favorable asset-class in the world. Adam joins the show for a short, jovial debate on election fraud and the election. But Jason and Adam offer you a break from politics to discuss many concerns of a housing bubble and how this could be misinterpreted. 

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] No matter who wins the presidential election, there is always a real estate strategy.

[9:00] Will we see another republican when the popular vote?

[9:45] IDEAL

[10:45] Before we talk about investment property, let's discuss the 2020 election update. 

[13:10] What do you think about voter fraud as a possibility? 

[21:30] Is there a possible housing bubble?

[25:20] 75% of the Case-Shiller Index is based on cyclical markets, a gross misrepresentation of the complex US housing markets. 

[28:45] Are we just a bunch of PermaBulls?

[31:00] Market timing is a fool's game. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1587_Adam_from_Live_Election_Post.mp3
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Jason Hartman talks about the 2020 presidential election just a few hours before the polls close. Who knows when we will see a final tally of the votes, but here are few things to consider in the last couple of hours.

John Truman Wolfe joins Jason Hartman again to continue discussing the most crucial election in U.S. History. John also defines Bank Bail-Ins and what the U.S. can expect from it. As well, John answers the question, is lithium the new oil? 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Who knows what will happen with this election, and when it will happen?

[3:00] Why do California initiatives matter to me?

[5:30] Thank the heavens for the balance of power.

[8:00] From 1987, What did Johnny Carson have to say about Biden?  

[10:00] Let's discuss winning margins from past elections.

[14:00] "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." Speaking on the crowding out concept. 

[18:30] Have newspapers given out presidential endorsements?

[21:45] Steve Hilton talking about the Trump presidency. 

[32:20] Republican satisfaction has been rising prior to the election. The independents are flatlined, and the democrats are down.


[1:00] What are the differences between a Trump/Biden reelection? From Bill O'Reilly. 

[3:00] A Biden election could give Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. statehood, adding four new senators, likely democrats. 

[6:15] O'Reilly on Dems adding justices. 

[12:00] Jason and John discuss the migration patterns in the U.S.

[18:45] There is no justice about social justice.

[25:35] What's going on with lithium batteries and electricity? Is lithium the new oil? 

[26:50] What is a bail-in, and why is it a possibility? 

[31:20] The interesting thing about; the thing about a thing (derivatives). 


The Coming Financial Crisis by John Truman Wolfe

Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1586_John_Truman_Wolfe_part_2.mp3
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We’re getting political! Jason Hartman talks about the POTUS election with John Truman Wolfe in part one of this two part interview. This election has some significant weight on what we will see with the Republican Party for the next couple of decades. How has the media shaped our view of the President of the United States? Do Google and/or Facebook have major CIA connections? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Battery Technology and Lithium Demand

[4:00] If Trump isn’t re-elected, could he be the last Republican President?

John Truman Wolfe

[7:15] Who is going to be the next POTUS, and who will control the Senate?

[11:50] How has the media shaped our view of whoever is holding office? 

[17:15] Google and Facebook….CIA connections?

[18:15] Are we stuck in a place of negative or artificial interest rates?

[26:25] Biden: Crony Capitalism


The Coming Financial Crisis by John Truman Wolfe

Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1585_John_Truman_Wolfe_part_1.mp3
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This episode of Flashback Friday was originally published: Apr 11, 2014

A best-selling author, speaker and a member of an elite group of "Rich Dad's" advisors, hand selected by author Robert Kiyosaki, Garrett speaks to investors and entrepreneurs on a variety of topics including asset protection, liability limitation, wealth creation, as well as various business and real estate issues. As an advisor for Robert Kiyosaki, Garrett has authored Own Your Own Corporation.

Garrett's books provide an accessible source of information for building your own success. A member of the State Bars of Nevada and California, as well as the American Bar Association, Garrett attended Colorado College and the University of California at Berkeley where he received a B.S. in Business Administration in 1975. In 1978, he graduated with a J.D. from University of California's Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

Beyond his desire to educate people and business in wealth protection and growth, Garrett serves on the boards of the American Baseball Foundation, located in Birmingham, Alabama and the Nevada-based Sierra Kids Foundation.

Check out this episode!

Direct download: CW_1584_FBF_Rich_Dad.mp3
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Setup Jason Hartman Minutes, Flash Briefing on Amazon Alexa. Jason Hartman discusses the consistent qualities of investment property. He reiterates the lessons known from IDEAL as well as qualifying its self-liquidating development. 

Jason interviews client, James Castelle. James purchased his first investment property within two years of his initial listen to the Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing podcast. James shares his story shifting from the typical stock-market investment to property investment and why he favors it. The quick lesson, inflation-induced debt destruction, is king! 

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Jason Hartman is on Amazon Alexa:

[4:30] Alexa Flash Briefing Jason Hartman on ROI

[5:00] I.D.E.A.L. 

[10:00] Income property is beautifully consistent. What was true 12 years ago is still true today! 

[12:00] Income property is self-liquidating. It pays itself off.

[13:30] Not all ROI is created equally. 

[17:30] Jason on the tragic knife attacks in France.

James Castelle 24:00

[26:00] The stock market v. real estate. 

[29:00] Why did you choose the Gadsden, Alabama market?

[31:00] The benefits of inflation making a house payment seem cheap over time. 

[34:30] After your first investment property, what are your plans?


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1583_Client_Case_Study_James_Castelle.mp3
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Even in the UK, investors and homeowners are looking to live away from the dense city. Jason Hartman shares a brief update on where people want to live, when they want to move, and the uncertainty of selling their home in the next three years. 

Jason Hartman talks with Former CEO of CKE Restaurants, Carl's Jr and Hardee's, and former nominee for Secretary of Labor under President Trump. He is also the author of Job Creation: How It Really Works and Why Government Doesn't Understand It and The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left's Plot to Stop It. Andrew and Jason discuss whether the solution to the coronavirus pandemic is more significant than the problem and where the help stops helping. As well, they discuss the regulation challenges with business.

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Let's talk about the country that recently gained its independence.

[4:30] Our thoughts out to those affected by the California wildfires.

[9:30] About a third of homeowners are considering selling in the next three years.

Andrew Puzder

[17:45] Is the pandemic an opportunity to "remake America?"

[20:20] Is the solution bigger than the problem?

[24:30] Andrew explains why he moved his company from Southern California to Tennessee.

[27:30] "It was easier to build and open a new restaurant in Novosibirsk, Siberia, or Shanghai, China than it was to open a restaurant in Los Angeles. "AP

[34:00] People should focus on where they want this economy to go.


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


Direct download: CW_1582_Andrew_Puzder.mp3
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