Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman and economist Thomas open today's show discussing some less talked about aspects of the 1031 exchange. This conversation focuses on how you can incorporate personal property in your exchange and the deadlines the IRS imposes when you're doing your exchange.

Then Jason talks with Rich Dad Advisor and multifamily property investor Ken McElroy about his recent sale of $300 million worth of property, as well as supply levels of multifamily properties, why Ken is still bullish on real estate and the future of interest rates.

Key Takeaways:

[6:25] How to lump personal property into your 1031 exchange

[8:04] IRS time deadlines for 1031 exchanges

Ken McElroy Interview:

[12:45] Why did Ken choose this time to sell his properties and how did he do it?

[17:05] Cap Rate fails to take appreciation into account

[19:01] Is there an oversupply of multifamily that's causing rents to not grow as quickly?

[23:06] What Ken has learned about his facilities for the 55+ community

[24:54] Why Ken is still bullish on real estate

[28:38] Capital always looks for safety in the US

[32:21] The impact things like ride sharing and autonomous cars are having (and will have) on real estate

[35:04] Ken's take on the future of interest rates


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