Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman and his client, Rabbi Evan Moffic, are on the road today discussing two different investment philosophies. The first is the fox method, ping ponging between investments and always going for what's the hottest trend. Then there's the hedgehog strategy that has you focus on one thing and do it to the best of your abilities. After dissecting the pros and cons of those strategies it's time to investigate the abundance mentality and what good it can do us all in our lives.

Key Takeaways:

[4:26] The fox strategy vs the hedgehog strategy

[7:28] Fox's at least take action, but hedgehogs stay true to the investment philosophy that they know and understand

[11:53] Evan is branching out a little buying a new construction short-term rental, but he made sure it could still function as a long term rental if trying a new strategy didn't work out

[16:01] It looks like there will be 2 property tours at the upcoming Profits in Paradise

[17:11] Evan will be speaking at Profits in Paradise, discussing happiness and wealth

[21:04] Judaism believes that wealth brings with it a responsibility to give

[24:40] One of the things Evan doesn't like about the FIRE movement


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