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Today, Jason discusses his recent trip to Budapest, Hungary and yacht week in Greece. He believes the Fed must pivot and lower interest rates and increased housing affordability will lead to a rebound in the housing market. The majority of investors are buying properties and taking more control over their finances by using the hybrid self-management approach he recommends to his exclusive group  Empowered Investor Pro.

And in this episode Jason welcomes David Hay, financial advisor and chief investment officer of giving a macro outlook on today's economy. David shares deep insights into the economy, markets, and income investing. With a focus on generating cash flow from investments, their expertise lies in income generation. Hay believes we're on the verge of a major credit spread expansion, which is crucial for financial markets and the economy. Credit spreads, the difference between government and corporate bond yields, widened significantly last year, negatively impacting balanced portfolios. While credit spreads narrowed and led to a rally, Hay predicts another widening due to rising bankruptcy and tightening lending standards. Understanding credit spreads can provide buying opportunities and higher yields in the future, despite market timing challenges.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:29 Traveling to Budapest

2:34 We're having a macro outlook at our economy and when the FED pivots

4:25 Empowered Investor Pro and the hybrid approach to property management

David Hay interview

5:47 Introducing David Hay of

6:43 Major credit spread expansion and defaulting Junk bonds

13:09 Bubble 3.0 - the commercial space meltdown

15:24 Dicing up the corporate bankruptcies

17:51 What is the FED going to do

19:00 Emerging markets, interest rates and the QE markets

22:49 "Greenflation" is incredibly inflationary

24:15 De-globalization and inflationary pressures and the current housing shortage issues

27:05 Pivoting the FED, the debt ceiling distraction and the 4 Fs scenario

29:12 The oncoming train wreck this second half of 2023, the tsunami after the tsunami

33:24 Kicking the 'can' down the road- indefinitely



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