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Jason Hartman talks about the staggering number: 35% of US dollars were created this year. Will all of this money-creation cause inflation, and if so, is that good for investors?  

Is the foreclosure wave coming, is the crash coming? The delinquency rate is decreasing, but naysayers are still looking for a bubble to pop. Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Adam about the foreclosure wave, forbearance, and appreciation in this two part interview. 

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Key Takeaways:

[2:45] 35% of all US dollars have been created in the last ten months. 

[4:00] The Federal Reserve became the biggest investor in all world history.  

[8:00] Jason speaks about the economists that have had a significant effect on our livelihood. 

[12:00] Will all of this money-creation cause inflation?


[18:00] Real estate has been making a fortune for fifty years, and the naysayers keep waiting for the crash to come. 

[20:00] Timing the market does not work. 

[21:00] Do you remember Long Term Capital Management?

[23:45] Foreclosures were down all over the country before COVID-19 hit. 

[25:00] Does the forbearance issue 2020 lead to more money in the system?

[28:20] The average US foreclosure period is 841 days.

[32:20] What is the incentive to come out of forbearance if you are concerned about a potential shutdown? 

[37:45] Rents are being paid regardless of the stimulus. 

[41:30] Are we going to see a stall or bubble burst?


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