Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman shares today's staggering numbers from commercial real estate loans to office space for lease. Will we see more corporations move to the hub and spoke office model so that employees can move to less densely populated suburban areas?

Rick Sanchez of RT News joins Jason Hartman as they discuss where has the real news gone and what can influence can do to a news station? Rick asks Jason about necessity housing and the future of real estate post-pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] WSJ: 3.87 Billion, the value of the securitized commercial real estate loans in foreclosure last month. 

[3:30] At the end of the day, everybody needs a place to live.

[4:20] 100,000 sq ft of office to sublease that Twitter is now putting on the market. 

[6:45] 50% of Times Square office employees have not been brought back to the office since the pandemic started. 

[9:00] Are things getting better or worse, regarding COVID-19?

Rick Sanchez

[15:00] Necessity housing is fine, as for the others…

[20:00] In a down economy, there may be more renters than buyers.

[22:00] Buyer v. Renter positions. 

[27:40] "I learned the principles of advertising." - Rick

[31:00] As an investor, Rick Sanchez has embraced the American Dream. 

[33:45] Can we trust any mainstream media to share all of the news accurately?

[42:00] Influence; who's buying who?


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