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Greetings from Dallas, Texas! Jason is speaking at the Investor Fuel Mastermind event but before he does that, listen to him rant about a Youtuber who uses CLICKBAIT to spread false narratives about the housing shortage and the foreclosure moratorium!  

Then Jason and Eric finish their discussion about real GDP per capita, secular economic trend predictions for the next 3-5+ years, transfer of wealth from baby boomers to millennials and much more.

Eric Basmajian is an economic analyst providing research on the most critical secular and cyclical economic trends impacting interest rates and asset prices.

Learn about Eric's secular and cyclical framework:

Watch the video HERE.

Key Takeaways:

Jason's Editorial

1:03 Shout out from Dallas, Texas

1:37 A RANT about the housing shortage situation and the foreclosure moratorium

6:24 Join us in Jacksonville Florida for the Wholesaling Mentoring event. Go to

Eric Basmajian Interview Part 2

8:35 Real GDP per capita

11:56 Secular economic trend predictions for the next 3-5+ years

12:53 Transfer of wealth from baby boomers to millennials

15:45 The single most important variable to understand where the next 10 years of the real estate market are going

19:28 The demand curve is set by those demographics

21:39 Immigration can help the demographic curve

23:16 Four corners of the economy: income, consumption, employment and production

24:56 Increasing talk of recession

27:51 We live in a centrally planned economy

30:29 Learn about Eric's secular and cyclical framework:

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