Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

The poison pill which has infected the markets were the artificially low mortgage rates that will constrict housing supply for decades to come. However, myopic people are focused on housing prices, when they should focus on yield or return on investment. That's what investing is all about!

Join Jason Hartman today as he takes you through the state of today’s particular housing market, a strange recession and disastrous financial unrest around the world. 

Here in the United States, we are moving into a very weird type of market. The Fed is raising rates and it's freaking people out in the stock market, the housing market, and oddly, the cryptocurrency market, which should be doing the opposite of what it's doing, but is not acting the way it's supposed to act. So this weird market is where we could have a significant recession, and still have very low housing inventory, and very low rates of foreclosures.

The predictors of disaster are always wrong. Disaster is an iterative process. It is a more subtle process where our freedoms are taken away slowly and where our money is being debased little by little until one day you wake up and your only option is a central bank digital currency. 

The winds are changing all over the world and one needs only to look at recent happenings in the country of Lebanon. People in Lebanon are robbing banks, not to steal other people's money, but simply to get their own money in the face of a collapsing system.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome to The Creating Wealth Show, episode 1901

1:03 Alarming financial distress with banks across the world 

4:01 Michael Pollan and the psychedelic movement: opening doors to perception that we really can't explain

6:10 Central bank digital currency, CBDC, digital dollar

7:05 Social scoring system already in place in China

8:30 Prepping is not a lifestyle, just something on your to-do list

10:00  People are robbing banks in Lebanon simply to get their own money

12:01 Ponzi schemes and fractional reserve banking

12:52 Housing inventory update - the high end market is continuing to decline

14:36 Artificially low mortgage rates were a poison pill and will constrict the market for decades to come

17:40 Opendoor & Zillow: iBuyer fiascos 

18:08 Tech companies think they've figured out the real estate game, but it's still a low tech business

19:43 Are mortgage rates over 6% really a big problem?

22:29 Empowered Investor LIVE in Scottsdale in January!

23:54 Recession Proof Investing Summit coming up!

24:50 People in the renter market cannot afford to move out and buy

25:49 Focus on yield, not on prices - that is what investing is all about!



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