Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Today, Jason talks about the population, it's demographics, its problems, and the effects it has with regards to rental housing opportunities of which you can definitely take advantage! He is also inviting to join the Empowered Mentoring via Zoom this week!

And what are some of the best practices landlords do to maximize their profits and enjoy more of life? Listen in as Jason welcomes's Eli Secor to the show. Eli talks about the processes and practices that successful owners use in selecting, retaining, and managing tenants.  He’ll address topics such as the application process, documents and lease signing, maintenance requests, and handling of the move-out and deposit refund process and so much more.

Landlordguru's commitment is to provide expert advice on the complex and important residential property management issues faced by landlords and property managers.  Landlordguru has over 30 years of combined  experience in residential property ownership and management. In addition to sharing their own expertise and experiences, they call on specialists in fields including maintenance, laws and rules, tenant management, and more.


Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:23 Be the lord of your land! Join our mentoring program

3:51 Population decline- all bets are off

6:28 Climate change, migration and the Longevity & Biohacking show

9:31 Longevity Sciences and a government that's at war with its people

12:24 Personal savings rate and the FRED website

17:09 Interpreting the data- undeniable opportunity!

Eli Secor interview

20:55 Welcome Eli Secor of

22:10 A broad, general philosophy of tools and landlording

23:02 Some best practices, apps and recommendations over the years

25:34 Hire a professional 'real estate' photographer and videographer

27:06 Establishing rapport and screening potential tenants and  video tours

28:21 Meeting the tenants- live and virtual

31:51 On-going management especially repairs

36:30 Benefits of belonging to the local renter housing association- from across the country

38:12 Maintaining the social pressure of a good tenant/landlord relationship

42:48 The hybrid approach to self-management

46:20 Calling references and some questions that need to be asked 


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TaskRabbit (formerly Angie's List)



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