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Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 1058, published last September 19, 2018.

Jason Hartman is joined by his “brother” Dan as the two discuss the value networking. Dan (who Jason considers to be one of the best networkers he’s ever met) gives some tips on how to break through to your networking targets, and how crucial the network becomes when recessions start affecting you.

Jason also goes over some new information he discussed in the previous episode, as he discovered how much money millennials are actually spending on rent and what that’s led them to give up.

Key Takeaways:

2:02 Is Jason the most experienced person in his field? Try and beat his roughly 10,000 deals

5:56 The value of networking

11:37 Always be conscious of the other person

15:35 Millennials are spending 45% of their income on rent

21:16 What has to give when the percentage of income is higher than before?

24:18 The financial crisis was 10 years ago last week, and terrible advice is still being given

26:53 In downturns, the people who get the bailouts and the most help are people with the high loan balances

29:35 Your network is going to be even more important when downturns happen


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