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Jason Hartman asks Rabbi Evan Moffic back to the show to discuss Biden’s plan to revive anti-discrimination policies at the federal level. If his plan goes through, we can be sure that investors at the very least, will benefit. Don’t forget the important, fourth kind of appraisal. 

If you’d like to live a little longer, drink water, eat healthily, and create wealth. The continuation of today's podcast discusses the recently released statistics making claims that life expectancy is related to wealth. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:00] What’s Joe Biden doing? A hidden benefit for real-estate investors

[7:16] a result, owner-occupied homes in majority African-American neighborhoods are undervalued by $48,000/home on average

[10:40] The additional fourth (of three) kinds of appraisals; comparison, income, cost, and selling the property to a buyer. 

[15:00] Wealth can contribute to an additional 15 years on your life

[24:30] The health of your body is the health of your cells


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