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Coronavirus is impacting everyday life, but income property still proves to be the number one asset class in the world. Jason shares his new commandment of the Ten Commandments of Real Estate Investing with commandment #22. 

In the second half of today's podcast, the important question, Can you return a property? If so, how do you return it? Jason Hartman speaks with guest Evan Moffic on how to return property and what benefits one might have in doing so. It’s important to remember that the best insurance is a high loan balance. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:52] Coronavirus Updates around the world

[5:02] Income property compared to precious metals, and the stock market is still the best performing asset class in the world

[8:15] Commandment #22: thou shalt invest in…?

[11:30] A primary metric for understanding Commandment #22, hint: it has its ups and downs

[16:55] What if you as a consumer buy a property and you’re unhappy with it?

[23:45] 80-90% of your portfolio should be in the conservative linear markets

[24:30] How do you return a property?

[29:25] Real estate, like many other products, has a return policy

[31:05] The banks will work with you if you owe them a lot of money


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