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The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 are all having their best quarters in a long time thanks to the endless bailout programs. Jason Hartman discusses the shape of this recovery, why it’s working, and how long it can keep going.

Adam Robinson is on the show today to take a deep dive into the collapse of a global market. It’s not just about inflation and deflation, it’s understanding the collapse of the velocity of money. Now, the majority is trying to understand negative interest rates. 


Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 - August 2

Guests: Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Major US stock averages posted their best quarter in decades.

[6:00] The US can keep the bailout game going a long time!

[12:30] The recovery that started out like a “V” is changing shape. But to what shape? 

Adam Robinson

[21:00] Millennials, Gen Z, or people in the prime of their life, able to afford Manhattan are looking to migrate away from high-density areas. 

[23:00] Are we looking at a collapse in the global economy?

[29:15] What would the economy look like if everyone got a check for $100k? 

[33:10] Inflation and deflation aside, what we care about, is the velocity of money, which has collapsed. 

[35:45] With negative interest rates, you’re paid to own gold.


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