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Big cities are likely going to suffer from the mass exodus. Wuhan, China, has already seen a rent reduction. Jason Hartman discusses the high-density departure as well as the collapse of the state tax revenue. 

Rabbi Moffic joins Jason to break down the value of a home asset. As well, they discuss the concept of economic rent and how investors can profit from multi-generational living. 

Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 – August 2 

Guests: Ken McElroy, Sharon Lechter, Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Big cities are likely to suffer from an exodus. 

[6:45] 6% - Current rent reductions in Wuhan, China since COVID-19

[8:00] The tax revenue from the states has completely collapsed.

[16:30] Understanding the concept of economic rent being in the rentier class.

[20:45] When you buy a house, you purchase an asset that cannot be duplicated. 

[25:16] Compared to the amount of money creating, inflation has been low. 

[33:00] Briefly, how can investors profit from multi-generational living?


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