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“I’m an income property investor, and I love inflation!” Say it with me. Jason Hartman reveals the hidden wealth creator in the income property equation. 

Nobody wants to live in high-density areas anymore. It’s gone beyond the fear of coronavirus. Investment counselor, Doug, talks with Jason about Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. As well, Doug and Jason discuss the middle-class fiction. What is happening to our middle-class, and how can we learn to create wealth? Finally, rent is due, and residential tenants are paying, but are commercial real estate landlords having the same good fortune through pandemic times? Everyone is working from home, and most people are enjoying it. 

LIVESTREAM: Sunday Morning, Coffee Tok (Talk) 11 AM EDT

Meet The Masters Virtual: July 31 – August 2 

Guests: Ken McElroy, Sharon Lechter, Harry Dent, George Gammon, Sean Carroll

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Flashback to 1969: Unemployment rates, federal spending, federal debt, and the inflation rate (even tethered to gold)..all of this and the cost of a new home in 1969.

[6:45] “I love inflation.”

[10:30] Nobody wants to live in high-density areas anymore. It’s more than just coronavirus urging persons to move to suburban areas.

[13:00] We are watching the ultimate collapse of the “middle-class fiction.”

[17:30] The whole middle class is being hollowed out. 

[20:45] Rent stability seems to be almost on par with previous years.

[24:00] Commercial tenants are having a much bigger problem paying rent when compared to residential tenants. 

[28:00] Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. 

[34:45] If you give the government unlimited authority to deal with the climate, it won’t fix it. Instead, you’ll have an authoritarian government with an equal or worse climate. 

[39:30] People can work remotely, and they like it!


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