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Jason Hartman plays out an illustrative comparison of debt to GDP ratio of the U.S. and the average American home. Is our debt to GDP ratio really that bad? As well, Jason revisits the ever-important topic of inflation and describes the three types of inflation you should know about. NYC is still watching people flee the city at record numbers. Movers are so busy that they have to turn people away. Why is PIMCO concerned, and what does this mean? 

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] We’ve got to remember that all real estate is local.

[6:25] The two things that drive value are scarcity and utility.

[7:15] Three types of inflation 

[10:15] The U.S. debt has reached its highest level compared to its GDP. Is this that big of a deal?

[18:00] People are still fleeing high-density areas. So many people are moving that movers are turning people away.

[21:40] PIMCO is concerned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac coming out of their conservatorship.

[29:20] Meet The Masters 2020

[30:00] Robinhood, stock trading app, in trouble again?


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