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Robert Rosenthal, Co-President for the Foundation for Inner Peace, joins Jason Hartman today for this tenth episode special. Rosenthal shares his understanding of the ego and how one might interact with it, or believe in interacting with it. He also shares life-changing concepts about forgiveness. Rosenthal also authored, From Never-Mind to Ever-Mind.

Key Takeaways:

[3:20] A Course In Miracles, and we aren't talking about religion here.

[5:30] A course to know yourself.

[8:45] To some extent, we are all seeking security.

[11:14] "There's no such thing as a bucket list in A Course In Miracles."

[18:30] In understanding ego, ex: we never confuse ourselves with our playing piece in a game of monopoly.

[23:00] The ego is intent on its pseudo survival; it's not real, but it thinks it's real, and it needs to convince you that it's real.

[31:30] How and who do we forgive? Do we forgive Hitler?

[33:00] We want to be willing to forgive everything, even if we aren't ready.

[40:00] There is nothing anywhere else ever; the body is a limit.


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