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Jason asks Lynette what she recommends that we should do to protect ourselves? Lynette expresses her confidence in gold and why this is one of the three central pillars of dynastic wealth. As well, Jason and Lynette discuss inflation, the how and why of its existence, and how it’s controlled. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Looking at GDP stats from the worst quarter, how bad is it?

[3:00] Let’s get political. 

[9:00] Dennis Waitley quote, “Winners constantly think in terms of I can..”

[11:00] What gets rewarded, gets repeated.  

Lynette Zang

[15:30] What should we be doing to protect ourselves?

[16:10] Dynastic wealth is real estate, rare metals, and gold money. 

[18:40] Gold acts as wealth storage, holding its value over time. 

[19:55] Inflation is an invisible way for the government to tax you more.

[21:40] Real estate inside of a reset faces two issues. 

[24:30] There is almost no such thing as a free and clear property?

[30:30] How do negative interest rates work/exist?

[38:40] What does it mean when the LIBOR goes away?


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