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If you don’t have a side hustle, you need one. In the middle of recessions and depression, everything can feel like a big deal. Jason Hartman shares perspective on the tragedies surrounding us with the pandemic and the protests. Add some balance and comfort through tough times building your knowledge on investment properties. 

Ryan Moran, author of, 12 Months to $1 Million, joins Jason today to discuss some of his tactics that led to his success. Sometimes better business isn’t about what you sell, but more-so, how your business is focused. 


12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Moran

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] If you don’t have a side hustle, you need one. 

[6:00] At the end of the day, everyone is talking about their agenda. 

[8:00] Much like past recessions and depressions, when you’re in it it seems like a much bigger deal than it is.

[10:30] Mad as hell!

[10:45] The dollar buys a nickel’s worth. 

Guest: Ryan Moran

[20:20] “I’ve discovered that there are a lot of things not worth pursuing, but the pursuit is worth it.”

[26:15] “Minimum wage is an institution, something that you’re trying to force into society…”

[29:00] Moran, how did you get your career started, and what role did the early affiliate marketing role play in where you are today? 

[31:20] Your business is determined not by what you sell, but who you sell to.

[32:50] The game is about building to an audience quickly, and monetizing to that audience. 

[33:00] What Joe Rogan did for Spotify!

[36:10] What’s the extent of e-commerce beyond Amazon?

[37:00] Eventually we will drop the E in e-commerce.


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